Fonts are one of the crucial design elements in your email. The arrangement, style, and appearance are known as typography. When utilized correctly, typography can make your emails shine. In this blog, we’ll have a look at fonts in email marketing

How to choose Fonts In Email Marketing


If the chosen font isn’t legible, nobody is going to be ready to read your emails. And if this happens, you’ll not expect any conversions, so always choose a font with great readability.



Clean, crisp fonts always work best for your email. Larger font sizes always do better. Make your font a pt or two larger than you’d typically, make sure the font-weight is decent (but not bold), and aim for a 1.15 line spacing.

Psychologically Appropriate

Make sure the fonts that you simply have selected fit the general mood. Appearing reliable or as an authority could be beneficial if you’re trying to sell some product.

Brand Appropriate

A font that you simply choose must make logical sense. If your organization has an old-fashioned feel, using a super modern or display style font wouldn’t be suitable. Similarly, if you run a technology-based company, something rustic or formal probably wouldn’t bring the simplest fit either.

Fonts in Email Marketing

Serif Fonts

Serif Fonts are widely used in emails as they are easy to read. Well-spaced characters have flourishes on the top of their strokes and are generally inclined to the left. The most popular serif fonts are times new roman and Georgia. Serif fonts work best for content offering actionable insights to the reader. 

fonts in email marketing

Sans Serif Fonts

Sans Serif Fonts are without flourishes. As strokes missing in every character, this font features a semi-formal look. The most popular fonts during this family are Arial, Trebuchet MS, Verdana, Open Sans, and Helvetica. 

Calligraphy Fonts

fonts in email marketing

Calligraphy fonts are artistic. It could also be Western, Eastern, or Arabic, each reflecting a language from a special region. However, they’re not-so-easy on the eyes when read on digital screens and thus used less often in email copies. you’ll find them in email headings to grab attention.

As readers take 86% longer time to read fancy fonts, it’s important to use these fonts wisely.

Monospace Font

fonts in email marketing

These fonts are often an ideal choice when it involves giving the e-mail a sparse, minimal feel. Courier, Lucida Console, and Monaco are a number of the fonts that belong to the present family.

Web-safe Fonts in Email Marketing

Web-safe fonts are fonts that open or work correctly on all operating systems. They include fonts like Arial, Comic Sans, Courier New, Georgia, Impact, Palatino, Tahoma, Trebuchet MS, Times New Roman, and Verdana. Web fonts also can be hosted on a server from where your email client downloads them.

Selecting Font size

Different fonts have different sizes. So, while selecting a specific font, confirm that the one you choose the right one must not be too small or too big it must be of medium size.


Make sure the spacing between letters within the font is analogous thereto within the font you’re using in your email. If not, it can decrease or increase the length of every word.

Best Font Colors in Email Marketing 

The colors you select must have a high enough contrast with the background color, boosting readability.


Always choose a font that’s appropriate for your email. Maintain standard line spacing while writing emails. confirm that your email font readable neither too small nor too big.



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