Flaws You Make While Doing Facebook Marketing for Your Business

Facebook Marketing

We all know how social media is overtaking all medium of technology to date. Above all, Facebook is on the top of social media platforms for making leads and generating traffic to your website. The foremost step for Facebook Marketing or marketing on any platform is to get to know about that platform first. Half knowledge is dangerous and running your marketing campaigns with less knowledge will lead you nowhere for your business.

This article will give you lists of mistakes that generally businesses make while doing Facebook Marketing which can’t be ignored.

  1. Not Scheduling Your Posts

Bombarding anything on Facebook at any time will lead you nowhere and will end up in annoying people. It is very important to post at a time when maximum people should be online. Most of the people are working during the daytime which means you should schedule your posts after 6 pm every day. You will get more engagement and clicks when you will posts at peak hours otherwise your post will go much much downwards on news feed page and you will get much away from your target audience. Choose time wisely, morning and evening posts work best for Facebook.

  1. Asking for Likes, Comments, and Shares

The most common mistake that marketers make is asking too much. First for likes, then for comments and share and then to purchase. Also, Facebook has become quite strict in terms of authentication of posts after the “misinformation” scandal of the 2016 presidential election. Make your posts and page relevant without spam content, people will automatically like your post and would like to share with their friends.

  1. Not Responding to Comments

It’s very important to make your friends and followers realize that you do care about their comments. It motivates them more to comment and like your posts. Most of the marketers make this mistake by not replying to the comments they get. This is a great way to get engaged with your audience and build trust with them. When you reply to their comment, they get notified which compels them to read and if necessary, reply back.

  1. Deleting “Troll” Comments

If somebody makes troll comments on your page/posts, then what marketers do is deleting them straight away which is wrong. Yes, certainly, it lets your posts down and delivers a pessimistic approach. So instead of deleting them, just hide them. Your other fans won’t see the comment but the one who trolled still can see still thinking that you have not deleted them.

  1. Uploading YouTube Videos

People feel annoyed when they need to navigate here and there again and again. Another mistake that the businesses make is by uploading YouTube videos instead of directly uploading the videos to Facebook. You and your audience can even see the number of views that it has achieved.

Thanks to Facebook latest updates, now videos are played by default with sound. Although you can mute the video, by default, it plays with sound now. Also, Facebook Live boosted with the blast for marketers. Find innovative ways to use these new trending features of Facebook to benefit your business.

  1. Not Cross-Promoting on Instagram

Marketers who do not take advantage of the integration of Instagram inside Facebook is the biggest mistake. According to research, it has been noted that image posted via Instagram gets 23% more engagement. Even Facebook promotes this cross-platform usage and provokes users to set up an account on Instagram as well. So you must try to cross-promote on Facebook and Instagram whenever possible.

Few Miscellaneous Tips for Facebook Marketing

  • Avoid shortened URLs in the posts and rather use the original URL.
  • Do not post too many and lengthy updates.
  • Always optimize your Facebook pages and posts by using Facebook tools.
  • Give a clear Call-To-Action Button like “Learn More”.
  • Share Fan-created content and tag/mention the Fan who created it.
  • Include a high-quality photo which follows Facebook’s image guidelines.
  • Give Fans a peek behind-the-scenes at your business.

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Over To You

What mistakes did you make while doing Facebook Marketing? Please share your views in the comment section below.


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