Five Example Of How Marketing Automation Increase User Engagement

user engagement

Currently, marketing automation is one of the best ways to assist online (digital) marketing, engage users, and bring the customer back to you even after they have left your website or app.

Marketing automation is no more an optional aspect. It has become a necessity for effective email marketing and digital marketing campaigns.

The scope of marketing automation is quite large as it not only helps in marketing but it also helps in other day-to-day office work like recruitment process, finance work, etc.

Lets us go through the five most common examples that every digital business must implement in its business.

Welcome Message

This is the most common form of message as well as of marketing automation. Most e-commerce businesses are already doing this without even realizing they have started on their journey toward marketing automation.

A welcome message is nothing but an email that gets fired every time someone registers on the website or app. A welcome email could be a single message or a series of messages sent at regular interval one after another.

Sending welcome email is one of the easiest ways to start engaging your audience. Through this, you can educate your audience about your product or service.

Sending a personalized message to new users increase engagement and make a new user feel more comfortable with your brand.

Landing Page

A landing page can be any page that someone lands on after clicking on an online marketing call-to-action. It is a distinct page on your website that’s built for one single objective.

It is entirely different from ‘website’, ‘homepage’, ‘about us page’, ‘contact us page’. Because homepage serves many purposes like introducing your visitors to who you are, show examples of your product, play a video of customer testimonials and so on but landing page serves sole objective i.e. to convert your visitors into customers.


You can easily retarget your ex-customer with the help of marketing automation. E-commerce widely uses marketing automation software for retargeting.

Retargeting allows marketers to target users on social media or other platforms even after they have left your website.

In retargeting marketing, ads or content are shown to those same users on social media related to the products they showed interest on your website. Most of the time it happens with me and I am sure it happens with you also.

You must have noticed that if you checked out a product on any e-commerce website (say on Flipkart you surfed air conditioner) and when you went to any social media channel like Facebook, you start seeing ads related to air conditioner in your feed.

The reason behind retargeting marketing is getting your attention and getting you back on the e-commerce website. Retargeting is extremely powerful as it helps utilize all social and online platforms to get the user back to website.

It helps in keeping your brand constantly in front of your customer regardless of what platform they are using.

Transactional Message

A transactional message is a message that is sent to customer every time they make any purchase. For example, a purchaser gets a confirmation message after online purchase and then gets a message when the product has been shipped and the last one when the product has been delivered. In short, throughout the product purchase cycle, purchaser kept informed about his or her purchase.

A transactional message is an easy way to keep your user engaged and increase comfort and trust with your brand.

Web-based Triggers

Web-based triggers are emails or messages that are sent based on an action on your website or app. Through marketing automation software you can track engagement level of each user on your website or e-commerce platform and can create a particular message based on their action or on their engagement level.

For instance, if you find someone checking out a section or category of product, you can reach out to them to offer a solution and better understanding of the product or service.

Triggers can be automated for various user engagement levels and activities on your website delivering a personalized solution to customer.

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