FACTORS: To Prevent From Being Marked As Spam

Spam Mark
Spam Mark or marked as spam is the worst thing that can happen with any email marketing campaign. It is a responsibility of an email marketer to make sure emails are not land as spam.
 1. Unsubscription Link (Must Have)
  • Make Unsubscribing From Your Newsletter Very Easy.
  • Most Email Newsletter Services Offer An Automated Unsubscribe System.
  • Readers Need Only Click An Unsubscribe Link To Stop Receiving A Newsletter. 
  • It Is Better For Them To Unsubscribe Than To Get Frustrated And Mark Your Newsletter As Spam.
2. Subscriber Advise
  • Do Not Send Your Newsletter To People Who Have Not Opted-In Your Newsletter.
  • Never Add Someone To Your Mailing List Without Their Approval.
  • It Is Necessary To Have A Double Opt-In System.
  • Un-Approved Data Can Quickly Result In Getting Mark A Spam.
3. Relevancy Matters
  • Deliver Content What You Promise In Your Email Subject Line.
  • Using A Misleading Subject Line Can Make Recipients To “Get Back At You” By Clicking The Spam Button.
  • Be Honest With Your Subject Line And Deliver The Offer Or Content That You Promote.
4. Hard Selling (Avoid)
  • Avoid Selling Too Hard.
  • Even If You Do Everything Else Correctly, A Subscriber May Mark Your” Hard Sell” Spamming.
  • Because It’s The Same Hard Sell, Week After Week There Will Be Lack Of Contents. 
  • Repeated Content Is Like A Torture For Your Subscriber.

Here are some tips you can apply to keep your email out of spam folder.


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