Factors That Determine Reputation And Deliverability



  •  77% of delivery problems are because of sender reputation.
  • 23% of delivery problems are due to content  

SOURCE: fulcrumtech


Sender reputation

The following are the main areas of an email-marketing program that affect sender reputation:

1. FACTOR: Email Bounce Rate
  • Sending an email to an address that’s unknown or doesn’t exist causes a bounce. 
  • Bounce rates can vary dramatically, but with a well-managed list, you can minimize them.
  • You should be able to keep the rate low
2. FACTOR:  Spam Complaint Rate
  • Getting marked as spam by recipients is worse for your email reputation than people simply unsubscribing. 
  • Your spam complaint rate is yet another measure of whether you’re sending relevant emails to people who are expecting it.
  • With a spam button, the ISPs are getting a direct message that your email is not wanted. Too many of these and your reputation will suffer. 
3. FACTOR: Unsubscribe Performance
  • Your unsubscribe performance is an important indicator of your best email practices. 
  • If you send relevant content to subscribers who are expecting emails from you, your unsubscribe rate should below. 
  • Generally, a high unsubscribe rate will contribute to a poor reputation score.
4. FACTOR: Blacklist Status
  • It is important to regularly check to see if your domain or IP address is included in blacklist databases or not.
  • If  suddenly, large amounts of your emails are not getting opened there is a great chance to be blacklisted 
  • If you’re on a blacklist it’s likely you have been viewed as a repeat offender by ISPs. 
  • This would result in your emails being blocked or directed to the spam/bulk mail folders of your recipients. 

In order for email marketing to be effective, the emails have to get delivered expect in the spam folder. That’s step one. After that, create killer subject lines, powerful email content, etc.


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