Facebook Group Stories Rolls Out

Facebook Group Stories

Earlier last year Facebook announced it was offering ads for businesses in Stories. Now there is a new addition in this, Facebook rolls out new group stories feature.

With this new feature, now Group members can be a part of the story. Members can share moments/stories with their group and choose who can contribute. Thus, opens an opportunity for a brand to boost engagement with customers.


This means apart from newsfeed ads, businesses have an additional option to engage with the audience and attract more users.

Admins will have the ability to effectively manage the group stories while maintaining a safe place where members can share freely- Facebook.

It added, “With these tools, group admins are able to approve or delete member stories before those get shared with the community. Group admins are also able to mute members and select a setting that allows only admins to post or contribute to group stories.”

How to post stories

Facebook Group members can use their Android phone, iOS mobile device or desktop to view stories, however, they can only use a mobile device to add a story.  

Both admins and group members can add stories. Under the group story section, click the ‘Add’ button. At this time members can react with emojis or add their own photo, video, text, and other content.

Group admins have more control and accessibility than group members like, they can directly interact with group members. Group members need admin approval before adding any content to a story.

Admin can delete the story if it is not related to the Group.



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