Facebook Extends Deadline for Subscription Messaging Permissions

Subscription Messaging

On December 4, Facebook announced a new change coming to Facebook Messenger, that went unnoticed by Facebook marketers.

Facebook subscription messaging is an advanced feature that has an ability for a Facebook page to send non-promotional content on a recurring basis using the Messenger platform.


The subscription message must be non-promotional. It falls under defined category (news, productivity, or personal tracking) and recipients of messages have to opt-in to subscription message.

It gives the Facebook page admins the ability to send the content directly to their customers with a messenger chatbot.

Businesses cannot send a subscription message without the approval and review of Facebook.

Facebook page admins have to apply for subscription messaging services because the team doesn’t give permission to every Facebook page automatically, fortunately, the process is quite simple.

Last date to apply?

Until December 4, Facebook had a December 31, 2018, deadline for subscription messaging requests.

But on December 4 that deadline was extended.

It takes a week to three weeks to receive approval, so it’s good to apply as soon as possible today.


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