Essential Email Marketing Goals For SMBs

Email Marketing Goals
No matter when you are taking the appropriate steps to set the goals out of your marketing activities. It’s anytime is the right time. Setting the email marketing goals will make it easier for you to measure the results of all the marketing activities.
Here at, our team is kicking off this 2015 by looking at the performance of our experienced experts of Email marketing to see what worked well in 2014, and how we can outperform in the year ahead.
Below are the 4 essential email marketing goals which are very necessary for the SMBs to keep in mind before the execution of Email Campaigns.
1. Enhance your Email list.
In Email marketing, there is only one most valuable asset for marketing resources that is your Email list. There are some existing customers who came forward and opt on to receive updates from your business. There will also be new customers who would want to receive and show interest in your offerings.
But if you want your list to have a bigger impact, there are a few things you want to consider.

  • Make it easy for the people to sign-up – make sure every page you are interacting with your customers should have sign-up option visible in bold. Therefore it will make easy for the people to sign-up which will grow your email list.                                         
  • Give them a reason to sign-up – you need to make sure that your targeted people should see the value in the content you want to show them to see. If you are effective enough to show the value to then it would definitely fetch you the growing Email list.

2. Raise the Open Rates:

Whenever it comes to measure the effectiveness of email campaigns, open rates is one of the best metrics to measure. Therefore, the number of people opens the Email you sent out, the more opportunities you’ll have to drive business results. In order to improve the opens, there are a few things you need to keep in mind:

  • Are people looking forward to the Emails you sent out – people who usually look forward to the Emails are the once they find familiarity in ‘from the name’ and ‘from Email address’. Therefore, you need to first take permission from your audience before adding a new contact to your list. It means once the people sign-up you have got the permission to go ahead sending updates on your business.                  
  • Are my Emails standing out in the noise of the competition – Since you have taken the permission so, standing out in a crowded inbox starts with making sure people recognize that your emails are coming from you. Use a consistent ‘from name’ and ‘from Email address’ in every message you send out. You want to make sure people know what they can expect from your email when it lands in their inbox. Craft a compelling subject line that catches your reader’s attention and lets them know why they should click to open.

3. Enhance Email Engagement:
Click-through rates are one of the best ways to measure engagement. Getting more people to engage with your emails could mean more traffic to your website or blog, more registrants for your next event, or a greater number of people acting on an offer you send out.
If you want to boost email engagement, pay attention to these questions
  • Make it easy for people to engage with your Emails – Design can play a major role in whether or not people will interact with the emails you send out. Keep your message as focused as possible, with one clear call to action that you want them to take. Constant Contact makes it easy to design emails that drive action with our customized Email templates.                                                                                                       
  • Provide a compelling reason to act – If people aren’t engaging with your emails, it may be because they aren’t connecting with the content you send out. Take some time to look through your click reports to see which links are getting the most attention. This is a great way to see what your readers are most interested in. You can also create separate email lists for people who click on a particular link and follow up with a more targeted email.
4. Improve the ultimate business results:
The success of your email marketing won’t be measured solely by opens and clicks; it will be determined by the impact your efforts have on your business. Whether that impact comes in the form of more sales, new clients, or increased foot traffic. You should take steps to measure your results beyond the inbox.
There are a few things you will have to consider:
  • Set the right goal for your Email – Think about the goal of your Email before you sit down to create it. In some cases, the goal will be a direct response — to drive sales, generate reservations, or bring more people into your store or office. In other cases, the goal will be focused on the long-term — to generate awareness, improve loyalty, or increase referrals. With a goal in mind, you’ll be able to make a smarter decision about the content you decide to include.
  • Have easy ways to measure the results – You’ll also want to think about how you’ll measure the results of your campaign beyond the inbox. For example, if you’re including a coupon in your email to generate sales, you’ll want to make sure you can track how many coupons have been redeemed. You also want to pay attention to how many of the people who redeemed the offer are your existing customers. Which are new to your business. With a tool like Track-able coupons, you can monitor all of this in a single location online. You can also look to integrate the tools you’re already using to run your business with your account.

Hopefully, you have already got the idea about how an effective Email marketing strategy works.

Let us know what email marketing goals you have in your mind to grow your business. We dedicated team and experts in Email Marketing will manage your entire Email campaigns end-to-end.


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