Email Unsubscribe Best Practices

Email Unsubscribe

Who wants to talk about things which bring negative vibes similarly the email unsubscribe process might not the most exciting topic to discuss on but we need to in order to give you an insight of email subscriptions.

Whether you want or not there will be a certain number of people who are going to fall off your list, no matter how hard you try to keep them.


You can’t force people to remain your subscriber but there are some good ways to retain your subscribers even after they have hit the ‘unsubscribe’ button.

Even if you lose them there are ways that would let you make a good impression of your brand on them.

If people want to unsubscribe from your list, don’t make hard for them. If they don’t get a way to unsubscribe it might possible they mark your email as spam, and that would be worse than unsubscription.  

Ideally, you should place a unsubscribe link in the footer of an email. If not there then any other place where it is easy to find.

You can also put unsubscribe link in the header of an email to make it more easy for your subscriber.  

  • Don’t send a confirmation message of the unsubscribe action

If anyone is unsubscribing they are doing so that they don’t get your email and by sending an email confirmation of the unsubscription you’ll end up irritating them.

  • Your unsubscribe link in your email should work at least 30 days after you’ve sent an email

More than a curiosity it’s a law.  As per CAN-SPAM act your unsubscribe link required to work at least 30 days after sending an email.  The Canadian CASL requires, unsubscribe links to work for at least 60 days after an email message is sent. Set those unsubscribe link active and work indefinitely otherwise be ready to get a tag ‘junk’.

  • Give subscriber a chance to change their email address (if they want)

Usually, every email user has 2-3 different email addresses and yet most of the email marketers ignore this aspect to utilize it.

Utilize this option in terms of managing unsubscribes. Give an option to people to change their email address instead of unsubscribing, if they don’t want to get your email in the registered email address.

make it easy for people to change their email address. Just like unsubscribe link, you can place it in the footer.

  • There should be no waiting for ‘unsubscription’ to take effect

It should be not like someone unsubscribes from your email today and it takes effect after few days. We are in the technology age, no complex filing process has to be done to process unsubscribe. Keep it simple with immediate effect.

  • Give the option to personalize emails rather than just unsubscribing

Every email marketer knows segmented emails get higher engagement rates than unsegmented ones. Save a subscriber who would otherwise have opted out by providing them personalized and more targeted emails.

  • Include a short survey to know the reason of unsubscription

A survey will tell you why people are opting out. This will give you insight into why your emails are falling short to engage subscribers and why you are losing subscribers. A survey should be an open-ended where people can write their review in a comment box.

  • One click unsubscription

There shouldn’t be a multi-step process to unsubscribe. It should be a one-click unsubscribe. Here’s an example:

Hope this post will be a help for you to manage subscription. What’s your way to manage unsubscription, tell us in the comment section by leaving a comment.


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