Email Marketing VS Social Media Marketing

Who Wins The Digital Marketing Battle

Digital Marketing Platforms

Email marketing and social media marketing are the two most important digital marketing platforms.

If one wants to achieve a higher success rate and better result use both together. Therefore, it is hard to determine which one is better than others.


Social media versus email marketing is an ongoing debate. But as a marketer, you have to make a decision wisely and choose a platform that helps in your business growth.

We can say social media marketing is a new aspect as compared to email marketing, as it is a new aspect it is important to implement it in the marketing strategy.

But along with social media marketing, email marketing is equally effective. Digital marketing started off with email marketing and growing stronger.

As I mentioned above, use both these marketing channels in your marketing strategies.

However, before implementing it is good to understand each channel thoroughly. So let’s get down to learn about both the digital marketing platforms.

Email Marketing Pros

Wider Reachability

When it comes to targeting and reaching out to a larger number of audience, email marketing is best in it. Email reaches 79% of people you send it to.

People tend to check their email more frequently than social media. In fact, more than half of internet users check email first in the morning before looking at any social media channel.

High Click Rate

According to studies, an email marketing campaign can see 5–100 times more click-through rates than Facebook and Twitter. The core reason is again, more email user than social media. Also, checking emails once a day.

Social media can have lesser likes/comments than the number of clicks on the email marketing campaign.

Higher chances of conversion

Email is the best way to increase conversions, especially for a startup. You can send personalized triggered automated emails according to the past behavior of the prospect and effectively nurture them to convert.

The reason behind it is the ability to segment list and personalized message.

Better ROI

According to the DMA and Demand Metric study, the average ROI for email marketing is 122% which is 4 times higher than other marketing formats. Email marketing is 59% more effective for better ROI results. With email marketing, you can capture 30 times more leads than any other channel.

Email Marketing Cons

Slower to start than other Platforms

We all know building our own subscriber list is best rather than purchasing or using someone else list. Building a relevant list takes a lot of time.

It can be a time-consuming process to get subscribers on your list and because of this implementation of email marketing can get delayed, say until you get sufficient subscribers.

Spam rates

One of the most common but worst disadvantages/hurdles of email marketing is spam i.e. fail to place the email into the inbox. One has to be very careful while drafting an email otherwise there will be a higher risk of getting your email marked as spam.

Social Media Pros

Higher Engagement

Almost every marketer agreed that social media has a higher engagement rate. It is so because social media platforms are easily accessible which leads to more user engagement than email marketing.

If one has to make anything viral or to create buzz, social media is the most effective channel.


Social media outperform email marketing in terms of sharing/shareability. 57% of global content sharing activities occurred via Facebook and 18% occurred via Twitter, whereas email only accounted for 4%. Social media is for mass sharing.

Connecting Frequency

In a social media platform, you can connect with your audience multiple times a day without annoying them. But the same thing you can’t do in email marketing.

Imagine you start getting email 5-6 times a day. How long would it take you to press the “unsubscribe” button?

Social Media Cons

Reliability issue

There are lots of things said and claimed on social media, it’s hard to trust things and determine which is true and which is not. It is very difficult to rely on any new brand or a new startup.

Difficult to track multiple channels

Managing different social media accounts can be a difficult job, especially when you are active on every channel. It can get all the more challenging for small businesses.

Wrapping Up

Email marketing and social media marketing are like two parallel universes that compliment each other. It is tough to decide which platform is better because both have their own positive and negative aspects.

We recommend you to use both the digital marketing platforms for the best result. Email marketing enables you to get more traffic along with direct conversions and mass reachability. Whereas social media on the enable you to engage with your audience and assist you with marketing more sales.


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