Email Marketing Strategy: 5 Reasons Why People Unsubscribe Newsletter

Email Marketing Strategy
Email Marketing Strategy is a part of your overall marketing plan. It helps to make the most of your email marketing tool and achieve the objective.
 One area some inbound marketers are struggling within their campaigns is failing to retain their subscriber base. According to MarketingProfs, the average unsubscribe rate for most small businesses is below one percent. In fact, the average unsubscribe rate is about .25 percent. We’ll count down the top four reasons why recipients unsubscribe your email and it should not be the part of your Email Marketing Strategy. 
1. Too many emails:
The main reason people unsubscribe your newsletter is simply that they receive too many emails. Part of the inbound methodology :
1. sending the right content to your lists
2. sending it at the appropriate times
3. sending the right intervals.
You don’t want to send emails to people that were never interested in what you’re sending.
2. Irrelevant Emails: 
If your emails are not relevant to recipients, your rate of unsubscription will increase automatically. If your emails are not related to recipients, your unsubscription rate will grow automatically. You should always ensure that each and every email you deliver provides relevant and valuable content. It should be such that your targeted audience wants to go through it. You want a list that is full of people who are interested; otherwise, you may see a huge increment in the unsubscribe list.
3. Non- Personalized Emails:

“We can just send the same email to everyone on our list. It is so easy to distribute the same copy to all. It is more efficient if you design the mailers targeting to individuals.” You know that the key to improving that click-through rate on your emails– and to get people actively visiting your site — is to personalize and customize your emails.

4. Interest Change of subscriber:

We are human. People’s interests change day by day. This is also applicable in case of Email preferences. It may be possible that a recipient no longer needs your product or any particular service, or It may also be possible that he or she found what they were looking for. It happens. In some cases, the email opt-out rate is a natural process and it is not caused by somewhat you did wrong, but it is just a usual process.

5.Non-responsive Emails Design: 

Responsive web design is great, but it is not the ultimate solution to every problem. If it’s your only weapon for mobile, then a performance problem might be hindering your conversion rate. A worldwide report says that Around 24% % of the websites are responsive. The number of responsive websites is rapidly increasing day by day. As we see the increment in smartphone users worldwide so this is justifying it.



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