Email marketing and SMS marketings are the leading communication mediums that are used by organizations to reach their current and future audiences. These allow them to reach customers across the globe. Each of these has unique advantages within the way they deliver information.

Key Variables of Email Marketing and SMS Marketing

Before choosing between email marketing and SMS marketing for any marketing campaign, you must weigh the key variables. Here is a comparison of the main attributes of email and SMS marketing




Email marketing SMS marketing

Email offers extensive customization over SMS. It gives the option to add pictures, short videos, hyperlinks, and attachments. You can personalize emails with your brand’s colors, GIFs, videos, and images. This can generate higher engagement levels, and which can turn into higher sales. 

Open Rate


Email marketing SMS marketing

In this the winner is SMS. The average open rate of SMS is 98%, while emails have only a 20% open rate. Adding more, the average person responds to an SMS within 90 seconds, whereas it’s 90 minutes for an email. As soon as your customer hears his or her phone beep, his or her attention is instantly directed to the smartphone. Thus, amidst the enormous distractions posed by today’s environment to each person, SMS marketing provides an immediate route to grab the audience’s attention.

Click-through rate

Click rate is defined by how many recipients have opened the email and clicked on the link. Through Click rates, you can measure how engaged your audience is with your email. The CTR for both email SMS marketing tends to be high. 


No matter which country you are residing in, the value of texting is higher than that of sending an email. Email marketing is, therefore, less expensive for sending non-time-sensitive messages to a big group of receivers. 

Internet Requirement

Unlike emails that need the internet in the form of Wi-Fi or mobile data to be delivered, SMS doesn’t need the internet. So, brands can connect with their audience on the go. This is especially useful for retail, food, and tourism-related businesses. 

Email Marketing Vs. SMS Marketing- Where to invest?

Use Email to create relationships and SMS to secure commitment

Firms should use email marketing for sending newsletters and long-form messages. They must keep the message short and crisp. However, unlike SMS, since there are no character count limitations in emails, the message can include more of the necessary information. So, use email marketing for most of your messages, and then use SMS marketing to seal the deal.

Email marketing and SMS marketing must be permission-based

Ensure that you send promotional emails and SMS only to those who have given permission to receive those through subscription. This will also ensure that you offer a personalized interaction with the right audience. 

Groom your email subscribers through a text

Short emails are better than long ones. However, there also are cases when short emails can belittle your message. For example, if you are launching a new product, you need to be elaborate enough to include all info related to specifications and pricing. You can send an SMS to tell the receiver what they can expect from a forthcoming email message. Because of the brevity of the message, most receivers will just impulsively read it. 

Use emails to send detailed messages

Though people always have mobile phones with them at all times, they may not always respond to emails right away when you are giving discounts or offers; couple up detailed email messages with short summarized texts. 


Both Emai marketing and SMS marketing together play an active role in shaping the market as with this approach delighted customers will not only make repeat purchases. So every marketer must focus on these both.



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