Email Marketing Should Remain on Top Priority for SMBs

Email marketing for SMBs

Email marketing for SMBs is just like water to plant. If we want a plant to grow we need to water them, here’s the case is same. If SMBs wants to grow their business it has use email marketing.

As it flies in the face of logic that there are many to consider when it comes to promoting your business online, but Email often left in the dust.


Social media like Facebook and LinkedIn are on top when it comes to identifying best practice for gaining online visibility. Email – as old-fashioned as it may seem, still tops in the list of best practices for promoting business online. The reason for the effectiveness of Email Marketing for small and medium businesses is high because of the close relationship they have with their customers.

“Small businesses have a sound relationship with their customers – this relationship offers them a huge advantage in Email marketing. No matter how many tools come in, Email continues to be one of the best tool available. It helps re-engage or continues to engage customers and bring them back to your business”.

Engaging customers and making them want to return and stick to your business is the ultimate goal of every business.

The question, however, is what value does Email truly bring small businesses?

True Value of Email Marketing for Small Businesses:

Being a small business, let us start by considering the economic value Email offers budget-strapped small business. Sending an email doesn’t cost anything unless you using a subscriber such as, Techsense or others.

However, even the cost is minimal compared to other goods and marketing strategies that may include snail mail or advertising. And since these companies’ have the team of experts for Email Marketing and clearly claims to handle your entire Email Campaigns end-to-end, which gives small business a piece of mind.

As it was surveyed and the results are clearly stating that an effective Email Marketing Campaign will be able to fetch $40 of every $1 invested in the business.

Low cost and easy to implement are certainly the perks of Email Marketing. But the data gathering from Email sent is possibly even more valuable. When using companies like or any other to send out your Emails, you gain all the necessary data which you would require to measure the effectiveness of your campaign like:

  • Data allows you to target the right audience and accurately analyze responses to your Email sent.
  • Among them include open rates, clicked links, conversation details, and subscriber information.
This information is often provided within 48 hours or less after your Email Campaign. It is definitely a positive aspect for small businesses to quickly react and better management.

Hence, saving time, investing low and reaching out to your existing and future customers are certainly a good reason to keep Email Marketing on your to-do list. Along with a presence in social media is equally important to gain results.


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