Email marketing metrics that you need to be tracking

In this article, we will focus on the Email marketing metrics that you need to be tracking. Email marketing metrics provide useful insights into the campaigns. One must constantly watch these metrics for a successful campaign. By tracking these metrics marketers ensure that the email campaign must have a good open and conversion rate. These metrics also help marketers in planning the next campaigns.

Why Tracking Email Marketing Metrics is Important

While many brands use email marketing to create relationships with their ideal clients in hopes of selling their products and services, too few of them have a regular routine for tracking email marketing analytics.


Helps in Knowing who is reading emails and what topics are interesting 

Email analytics give you a brief summary of how well your emails are performing by showing:

  • What topics are engaging the audience
  • How likely your subscribers engage with each email

Know what offers are the most valuable to your audience

Email analytics also helps in knowing what offers you must offer for increasing conversion rate. By analyzing the engagement rate you may decide what kind of offers you can actually offer them in order to boost the conversion rate.

Helps in cleaning your email list

If you have subscribers who are not engaging with your email campaigns, it might be time to clean your email list. Email analytics helps in tracking these subscribers and removing them from your list. 

Email Marketing Metrics That You Should Be Tracking

Open Rate

Email marketing metrics that you need to be tracking

The first metric that you must track is your open rate. Not every subscriber will open every campaign that you send, If open rates appear to be low, don’t panic. Maximum email marketing campaigns have an average of a little over 30%. The main factor that influences readers is your title. Come up with a compelling subject line for your emails. A good subject line has a positive impact on readers and chances of getting open increases.

Click Rate

Email marketing metrics that you need to be tracking

Once your email is opened. Next is to measure your effectiveness by click rate.  Click rate is defined by how many recipients have opened the email and clicked on the link. Through Click rates, you can measure how engaged your audience is with your email. Benchmark for click rate is around 2-5% depending on the industry and overall activity.

Conversion Rate

Conversion rate tracks the percentage of users that have actually managed to convert into customers. To track this metric, you need to define your goals, then set them up using your favorite email marketing tools.

Bounce Rate

Email marketing metrics that you need to be tracking

When an email doesn’t deliver to the subscriber’s inbox it has probably bounced. Email bounce rate refers to the percentage of emails that haven’t been delivered to the subscriber’s inbox. Email can bounce for many reasons these can be:

  • Subscriber’s email server was down when you tried to send an email
  • Your subscriber’s email inbox was already full
  • The size of your email is too large
  • Invalid email address
  • Blocked IP address

Unsubscribe Rate

The unsubscribe rate measures the satisfaction level of your clients. If the unsubscribe rate is higher then it is because of the high unsatisfied customers. Sending quality content to them frequently will ensure that they remember you and remain satisfied. Sharing relevant information and content about their interest will help you in keeping low unsubscribe rates. It’s hard to figure out the exact reason why people unsubscribe, but you can minimize it by keeping the quality of your campaigns up.

Spam Complaints

A spam complaint is a report when a subscriber reports your email as spam. When an email subscriber marks your email as spam, this goes into the abuse report count. This may happen to any sender. Some subscribers just find it easier to mark an email as spam, than to open the email and look for the unsubscribe link Email marketing tools keep a track of these reports.  If these complaints are too high, subscribers might even take action against your account.


Measuring these metrics and taking corrective action will ensure that your subscribers remain engaged with your campaigns and don’t mark it as spam or abuse. But this will happen only when you keep the email customized as per your subscribers.


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