Email Marketing offers the best Return On Investment (ROI) for many industries, it’s particularly powerful for the travel and tourism industry. In this article, we will discuss how effective is email marketing in the travel and tourism industry. 

Email marketing in the travel and tourism industry lets you offer special deals and promotions to customers eager for your information. Emails can guide travelers through every stage of their journey, building good relationships with clients. 

Email Marketing In Travel And Tourism Industry can be used to:   

  • To retain and attract new customers.
  • Provide details and updates regarding their trip
  • Send promotional offers and discounts to customers, that help your travel and tourism business stand out from others. 
  • Providing customers a way to connect with your travel business on social media and develop a better relationship.
  • Collect information about your customers, enabling customization to email design.
  • Answer frequently asked questions about travel and tourism, allowing you to showcase your expertise.
  • Give customers a way to visit your travel and tourism website, enabling more organic traffic. 
  • Offer personalized emails and information.
  • Convince people to take a trip, increase conversion.


How effective is Email Marketing in the Travel And Tourism Industry?

When used efficiently, email marketing is one of the best cost-effective ways of attracting customers to use your product or service. The effectiveness of email marketing in the travel and tourism business depends on several factors:


Personalized Emails make your clients or customers feel special and also help in building relationships between your customers and your venture.  Due to this personalization remains an effective strategy.  


People who sign up to receive your emails can opt to receive only the emails that they’re interested in. This gives you a better idea of what email topics are popular among your customers. 

People like Receiving your Emails

The majority of people who sign-ups on a newsletter expect and want to receive promotional emails in their inboxes. This is great for email marketers since their emails are more likely to be read and attract new customers.   

Mobiles Allow Travelers to Check Email Constantly

All credit goes to smartphones, people check their email multiple times a day. Travelers can use their smartphones to research new destinations and travel discounts while they’re traveling.  

Email Marketing Travel and Tourism

Email Marketing is still more effective than Social Media

Although social media is very popular, more people still turn to emails for promotions than social media. Email marketing still generates more interest from potential customers.  

Interesting Facts About Email Marketing

Types of Emails in the Travel and Tourism Industry

After knowing the effectiveness of email marketing in the travel and tourism industry, the next step is the types of emails that you will be sending. One of the key rules of an effective email marketing strategy is sending the right content, in the right format, at the right time. 

Use the following types of emails in your campaign:

Welcome Email

A welcome email is the first email communication a company has with a prospect. Welcome emails enable brands to set the foundation for the kind of cooperation they will have with their customers. Welcome emails show high open and click-through rates. Use this to your advantage by offering special deals or information about your unique brand. 

Connecting Invitation

After sending the welcome send an email informing your customer about ways they can learn more about your business. Invite them to visit and engage with your social media accounts, website, and review sites.

Milestone Email

Providing discounts on birthdays and offers on special occasions, these types of emails are known as milestone emails. You can also inform customers about anniversary deals or loyalty rewards. 

Newsletter Emails

Newsletter informs your customers about the latest news, tips, or updates of your product or company. A newsletter helps in providing vacation ideas, travel industry news, interviews with travel experts, and information on your latest packages and services.

Informational Emails

Show how your business can help provide expert advice by sending emails with travel guides, scheduling updates, or bad weather warnings.

Confirmation Emails

Once customers book through your agency, send them a confirmation email. Since these emails have high open rates, they’re a great opportunity to include additional offers or deals. 

Thank you Emails

Customers feel real value when a business takes the time to respond to their queries and ensure that all expectations were met. Thank-you emails are customized to the customer and include current and future offers, along with a small token of gratitude.


While planning your marketing strategy for the travel and tourism industry, email marketing may seem like a good way to succeed in targeting large customers and increase conversions. 



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