Today, we’ll go over how important email marketing is in eCommerce.  

How Important Is Email Marketing In eCommerce?

Emails drive traffic to your website. With the potential to communicate your messages and offers to specific segments on your email list, Emails enable you to reach your customers in a more targeted and personal way. Further resulting in more conversions.


How To Build Your Email Subscriber List for eCommerce

Choosing the proper incentive to offer people in exchange for their addresses is crucial. This incentive is often in the form of a selected discount, exclusive future deals or promotions, or access to valuable insider content relevant to your company industry.

Having selected the proper hook, you must design compelling sign-up opportunities and powerful landing pages. 

  • Site pop-up ads
  • Blog post links
  • Social media links
  • Paid Ads on Social Media

Your landing page content should include a clear-cut, persuasive headline explaining the advantages of joining your list and an opt-in form. Opt-in forms, which are compact and easily designed, even have a spot in other parts of your website, like your About Us page, sidebars, header and footer, and even check-out page

Segmenting Your Email List For eCommerce

Segmentation means dividing your contacts into various groups by analyzing their behavior. These are segmented on the basis of

Engagement Level

The engaged audience shows that they have an interest in your product. They must be contacted more frequently. 

Purchasing Patterns

Purchasing patterns are certainly valuable for determining when to offer promotions and mapping out a content calendar, but the individual’s info matters the maximum amount because the group’s when it involves retaining contacts. 

How to use Email Marketing in eCommerce

Personalize Emails

Everyone loves hearing their own name. Emails that contain the name of the recipient in their subject line had a higher click-through rate than emails that did not. Personalize email allows adding value to your company. Creating personalized email marketing campaigns boost engagement rate.

Send at the Right Time

You don’t know what is the best time to send an email is it between 6 and eight am, or from 8 pm to midnight? How that Tuesday and Wednesday are the times with the very best open rates?

Well, you ought to test the time that works best for your audience or use automated triggers.

Optimize for Mobile

You know 47% of emails are opened on mobile phones, you’re missing an opportunity if you are not optimizing for mobile. It is important that your email content can be read and understood easily on a smartphone. Take leverage of images and graphics, and keep your mail short and optimize your email content for all devices.

Give Stuff Away

If customers know that you simply are giving prizes or gifts, your open rates will boom. And, whenever someone opens an email, there is a chance they see something inside which tempts them to purchase. 

Providing free content, including advice, insights, and news, can help customers to resolve issues they’re having and guide them to your products.



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