Email Marketing Benefits

Email Marketing Benefits
Email marketing is an extremely cost-effective way to communicate with prospects and existing customers. Similar to direct mail, email is a faster, cheaper and easier way to communicate with your prospects and customers.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     With Email Marketing, however, you can turn a marketing communications piece out in typically less than two hours.  

Here are the top 10 Email Marketing Benefits:
Reduced Time & Effort 

With Email marketing, however, you can turn a marketing communications piece out in typically less than two hours. Using recurring email templates, all you’ll need to do is to approve the copy for the email and any changes to graphics. Use easy database list to decide whom to send to, and then just hit send. Weeks of work can be accomplished in just a few hours and by a single employee.

Increase your sales

Using email marketing you can send a series of messages to your email subscribers, educating them about products and services. Email is a great way to send promotional messages. If prospects want to know when you release new stock or when your next sale is, email can put your message in front of them in minutes… for just a few cents per subscriber.                                                                        

Real-Time Messages

You can literally send “day-of” messages to help reduce stock or promote a limited time special as needed. You can even send unique real-time messages to customers that arrive on their birthdays or anniversaries.   

Increase your average order value

Email provides a great way to up-sell customers and can easily add up to 30% to your average order value when done correctly

Segment User and Customer Database Information  

You can segment your database of customers or users with email, and send extremely targeted marketing campaigns. It will result in increased sales conversions simply because they are so specific.

Test Marketing Messages

 Good marketing always means being able to test things. With email marketing, it becomes easy to see what graphics, headlines, offers, etc your users and customers will respond to.

Reduce Overhead Costs

Email marketing can be done at a very low overhead cost. You don’t need a ton of employees, designers, or marketing analysts. You don’t need to pay for printing, postal mailing costs, phone lines, or advertising rates.

More Frequent Communications

Because email takes less time to create and send than other marketing and advertising channels do, you can communicate with your customers more frequently. 

Information Spreading

Forwarding an email with an enticing, useful offer or information only takes seconds and many users will do it.

Save the Planet with Email Marketing

When you optimize email marketing as your primary customer communication and direct-to-consumer or direct business-to-business marketing method, you’ll help save the planet by reducing the number of trees killed for print marketing pieces.


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