Email Design Hacks

Email Design Hacks

Satisfying user experience is what matters the most. People prefer those brands and attracted to brands that delivered at par user experience.

In order to provide good user experience, it is essential to give value for money. Personalization is one of the most effective methods to provide a good user experience but nowadays personalization is also not enough.


Along with personalization, you need to revive your email campaigns and create a design that is attractive while being functional.

The Basic Components of an Email

It is important to understand the basic component of an email and its functions before getting into deep.

  • Subject Line
  • Pre-heading (sub-heading)
  • Email Body
  • Images
  • Call-to-action Button
  • Footer

These are the email component we’ll be discussing. Email Design Hacks.

The Subject Line

The subject line is the very first thing your recipient see/notice. We can safely say that this line is a deciding factor: whether your email recipients open your email or not.

Your subject line should be enticing enough to compel the recipient to open your email. Keeping your subject line between 41-50 characters is the best practice.


The pre-header is a text that is placed after the subject line. What is left in the subject line (due to certain constraints) you can put here. It can be a good way to tell more about your brand or regarding email.

Email Design Hacks


Email Body

The email body is the main content of an email, which elaborates what subject line and preheader indicating. Make sure your content is worthy enough to take further action.

How you convey a message is superior to what you convey, therefore, tailored content as per every aspect of a user profile, make your email super relevant to the user. Delivering relevant content at the right time increases the chance of a conversion.


More than 90 percent of email recipients and buyers prefer visual content over text-based content. Hence, use bold, attractive and high-resolution images to convey your message.

Don’t make a blunder by creating an email that contains basically a single image, maintain an 80:20 text to image ratio.

Call-to-action Button

An effective CTA button must be designed keeping these three aspects in mind.

Copy – be specific and focus on the benefits

Design – stands out and appropriately sized

Placement – ideally it should be placed at the bottom of the page and should be clearly visible.

Email Design Hacks

Use actionable words in your CTA like “Start my trial” or “Subscribe now.” Never use an image-based CTA button since it might be hidden when images are disabled. Always opt for bulletproof HTML CTA buttons.


Last but not least, a less-noticed yet important component of an email is the email footer. Marketers use it to add an email signature, unsubscribe link, a physical address and social media platform links. What you must include in your footer:

  • Link to social networks
  • Unsubscribe links
  • The physical address of the company
  • Remind them why they are getting an email

Email Design Hacks

To make your email connection even stronger follow the above-mentioned email design hacks. Remember, sending personalized and targeted emails create consumer trust in your brand.


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