Email Content Tips for your Bulk Email Marketing

Tips for Bulk Email Marketing

Writing email content has become an important part of email marketing. Find some below point for Tips for Bulk Email Marketing:

Email is typically used as a one-to-one medium. As a marketing medium, it remains most powerful when it closely emulates one-to-one conversations with our subscribers. But how much time do we actually spend on designing the email so that it’s easy to navigate?

Subscribers don’t always open your bulk email marketing message just to see your offer or read your articles. They may have other motives for opening it. They might want to unsubscribe or simply change their preferences, comment on something you wrote or ask a question.

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The following is a list of more common functions that should be included in your email in addition to the Basic content (Tips for Bulk Email Marketing):
  • Unsubscribe link.
  • Links to specific product information, full articles, or forms on your website.
  • Link to email preferences/update profile page.
  • Ask about a purchase, company policy or content in the message.
  • Comment on a story/provide feedback.
  • Listing of your email address to be added to subscribers’ safe sender’s list.
  • Link to back issues or other offers, as appropriate.
  • Phone, email or mail contact information for newsletter staff or related departments, such as ad sales or customer service.
  • A link to your Privacy policy.
  • Forward to a friend instruction.
  • Link to related information or offers, products or services at your Web site.                           
  • Description or link to shipping and return policies.

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