An effective email design can set your email apart from the masses. Also, increase your response rates by tweaking your email template to include all the small details that add up to a big visual impact. In this article, we will focus on the elements of email design.

Elements of Email Design

Let’s focus on the elements of email design.


Header and Pre-Header

It’s the first thing your subscribers’ notices in their email inbox. And it’s from plays an important role in influencing your decision to open it.

Preheader is a short summary that follows the subject line when viewing an email from the inbox. Many mobiles, desktop, and web email clients provide email preheaders to tip you off on what the message contains before you open it

Right Subject Line

You only have few seconds to make your subscriber open and read your email. The subject line is the most important factor that decides the open rate. Even if your email has valuable information, no one will be going to see it if you have a poorly written subject line.

It is good to keep the subject line simple and to the point. 

It is advisable to keep it under 60 words and avoid using all caps. 


Personalizing your emails guarantees more engagement, Everyone loves hearing their own name. Emails that contain the name of the recipient in them had a higher click-through rate than emails that did not. Personalization allows adding value to your emails, tailoring them to the preferences and interests of your subscribers. Creating personalized email marketing campaigns boost engagement rate.

Appropriate Images

Images are important for both branding and conversions. The right images enhance your email’s performance. Highlight your product or service in a way that appeals to your subscribers’ visual sense. Make sure every image complements the text in the email.

Social Media Links

Email marketing and social media marketing are not far apart in the spectrum of digital marketing. By adding social media links you can engage in a more two-way conversation that social media affords, increasing brand awareness and engagement.

An Unsubscribe Link

According to the CAN-SPAM Act, it is mandatory to include an unsubscribe link in every marketing email. Subscribers must have a simple way to opt-out of the email list. The simple way to do this is to include the “Unsubscribe link” at the bottom of the email. This should trigger an immediate removal from your list as well.

A Strong Call to Action

Your call to action, or CTA, is arguably the most important part of your marketing email. Calls to action can go anywhere in your email content; in fact, a bit of testing can help you determine where your call to action works the best.

No matter where you include your CTA, your reader should know exactly what to do next, whether it’s download, sign-up, schedule a meeting, reply to the email, etc.

Designed for Multiple Devices

Nowadays, subscribers check their email on a number of devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and even smartwatches. 

46% of email opens occur on mobile phones. Because of this, responsive designs are the best. Responsive design “responds” and adjusts to fit the screen of whatever device your customer is using. 



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