A welcome email is the first message that is sent by the organization to a person who signs up for a newsletter or creates an account of any sort. in this post, we will point out some effective ways of sending welcome emails.

The first impression is very important as it plays a role in creating a persona in a person’s mind.


As compared to regular emails, welcome emails are more effective. As they have 4 times more open rate than regular emails and have 5 times more clicks. When these emails are delivered, they tend to generate more revenue than regular promotional emails.

Benefits of welcome emails

Welcome emails aren’t only for sale or to generate revenue. They are the emails that the venture sends to build relationships and setting up a foundation for all future communications.

Welcome emails also help to understand the audience and segment them in a better way. Research has shown that welcome emails have higher open rates and click-through rates than standard marketing emails.

Effective Ways of Sending Welcome Email


Effective Ways of Sending Welcome Email

The best way to start a promising relationship is to introduce yourself. Not you or the logo or a banner, but the company itself. Use a welcome email to tell a small introduction of who you are and what your vision is. Show that there are real people behind a brand that a reader can reach out to at any time. Use this mail as an opportunity to show your appreciation to them for joining your mailing list.

Provide Clear Next Steps

Effective Ways of Sending Welcome Email

In many cases, however, you want readers to take some specific action(s) while reading your email. Make it very clear what this is and how they should go about it. Sending too many links that include the next step is not a good practice. A clear CTA at the end of an email linking to a well-written tutorial is best.

Give a Choice and Set Expectations

Effective Ways of Sending Welcome Email

A good way to start a relation is by setting the right expectations. Ensure that it will be something of value to them. A good practice is, let them decide what they want to hear about. Ask about the topics that they want to hear.

Coupons and Discount Codes

welcome email

Often, subscribers get a certain benefit for joining a mailing list. Usually, it’s a discount code for their first purchase or some online resource, an ebook for example. If you gave such an offer, deliver on it right in the first email. Don’t force your newly acquired subscribers to wait for it to arrive or search for it in a separate email.

Instead, combine it with your desired call to action in the same email. They’ll be very likely to open it anyway so use their attention while you have it.

Add Unsubscribe Option

There’s no point in keeping someone on a mailing list against their will. Let them allow to deregister from your mailing list by making it very easy to unsubscribe. Not only it will save you from some spam reports, but also, some of them may also come back to you one day.

Test What Works Best

Each and everyone is different so, always test what works best for you. This goes for every aspect of your welcome emails:

  • A subject line
  • The content
  • A format of an email
  • CTA(s)
  • A frequency
  • Other factors(IPs)

Run proper A/B testing regularly, watch how the numbers change, and opt for the option that gives the best result. If the goal of your welcome emails is to just build a relationship with a reader, don’t focus so much on a click-through.

Welcome Email Design

Welcome email design should be in tune with the whole brand identity in terms of colors, message manners, and imagery. However, it’s not obligatory to go straightforward with your design.

What you need to have in mind is that all Welcome email design elements such as colors, copy, font, choice of imagery, etc. should work in favor of the feelings you want to convey through your template.

Ask Subscribers to Follow you on Social Media

Adding a link to your social media accounts in your welcome email is an effective way of sending a welcome email this lets your subscribers know on which platforms you’re present. This can lead them to follow you there and keep in touch with you. It can be even better if you come out and ask new subscribers to follow your business.

Ask Subscribers to Add you to their Safe Sender or Contact List

This is a good practice to maintain good deliverability rates and making it easier for subscribers to find your emails in the future. By doing this your email will land in subscribers inboxes and not on their spam folder, hence your deliverability rate will always be good


Welcome emails provide you a chance to boost subscriber engagement and turn casual readers into loyal customers. Writing an engaging welcome email sets the tone for your relationship with subscribers. A good welcome email can create highly engaged subscribers and a healthy list. Poor or non-existent welcome emails lead to low engagement and a consistently high number of unsubscribes.


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