Double Your Twitter Followers with These Superb Tips

Twitter Followers

It requires much of your time and concentrated efforts to build and manage your Twitter profile. However, if there is a strong will, then definitely there is a SUCCESSFUL WAY. The quality of your followers do matter but it is still not very difficult to get engaging content for your followers. In fact, to double your Twitter Followers, the key is “engaging content”. To do this, always prefer to create new and trending content. Make sure it gets to your target audience time and again. You should also experiment with different techniques to see what kind of content works best with your target audience.

According to research, it is being expected that the number of Twitter followers will grow up to 370 million in 2020. Today, 76% of marketers use Twitter to promote their product and they are doing quite well. If you successfully build up a group of loyal followers over Twitter, then your followers can provide you social proof, demonstrate your authority, and help further your reach.

Note that in making twitter followers double, do not forget the quality of the people you are getting engaged with. Attracting more followers means more people see and share your posts and more potential customers. It is more important than your followers, however many, listen, and interact with what you share.

Let us go through a few tips by which you can increase your Twitter followers rapidly and also check out how you can do Twitter Marketing effectively. 

  1. Quality Content

As already mentioned above, content is the key to growing your fan following. As a marketer, you need to deeply understand your audience and should know what they expect. You need to look from their point of view and use your words wisely to capture their attention. Whichever space your audience lives in, offer benefits to them.

  1. Be Responsive

Social media is all about give-and-take. If people likes or retweets your posts, then you must like/retweet their post too. If you ignore this give and take rule, then gradually people will stop engaging with your posts. As at the end of the day, they are also using Twitter to gain something.

Your customers expect a quick response. Let your customers know you’re available to them. If you don’t have a timely response to a frustrated customer, chances are they won’t be a customer much longer. A survey found 72% of all users said they expected a response from a brand on Twitter within an hour. The best idea is to set and display on your profile about the time when you are most active.

  1. Use Automation & Schedule Tweets

You cannot be every time available to manually tweet all day. The superpower of social media is “automation”. You can automate likes, follows lists, and direct messages. This will churn out the significant time that you invest in doing these things manually. It is perfect to schedule tweets but learns about the rules first. There are many software available in the market for managing your Twitter profiles.

  1. Run Twitter Contest

Create a contest and attract new followers. Make prerequisite of your contest to follow first. This will organically grow your audience immensely. In fact, personally, I have too followed many of the Twitter profiles that are running giveaways, or contest. Make sure your offers entice people to take part and follow you. Also, keep the Twitter guidelines in mind to ensure you are not breaking the rules.

  1. Always Use Hashtags

Twitter Hashtags help create communities of people interested in the same topic. Any user can create it by simply adding to their tweet. It helps brands to get involved in the conversation. You’ll definitely reach to a wider audience when you use hashtags but all you keep in mind is that the hashtag must be relevant to your posts. Make sure the hashtag makes sense, and start your own hashtag to start your own conversation. If people catch on, your brand awareness goes through the roof and your following will increase tenfold. Ideally, 4 to 5 hashtags are enough for a single post. Do not put more than 6 hashtags in posts.

  1. Optimize Twitter Analytics

If you are using a software(recommended) to manage your Twitter account, then you can track your each and every tweet impressions and clicks. For those who are not using any software, they can see their tweet activity on the dashboard of the Twitter account

Everyday review your Twitter Analytics dashboard, to see what type of tweets got the most engagement. Create more tweets that are similar to the one liked by other Twitter users.

Few Miscellaneous Tips:
  • Pin important/interesting/engaging tweets to the top of your profile.
  • Use Twitter lists to listen to your customers, industry or competitors.
  • Use tools to discover great new content to share.
  • Post your Twitter handle to Facebook, LinkedIn, in your email signature.
  • You can even purchase Twitter’s promoted account ad product to get your account in front of a targeted follower.
Back To You:
Can you think of more enticing tips to double your Twitter followers? Please share in the comment section below.



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