Do a company need to hire Marketing Automation Manager?

marketing automation specialist

If you have recently rolled out a marketing automation platform or are planning of doing so, you must be wondering whether do I need to hire someone (marketing automation specialist) or it will be managed automatically.

According to Ascend2 Marketing Automation Trend Survey, the significant barriers to marketing automation success includes

  • lack of effective strategy,
  • lack of employees skills,
  • the complexity of a system,
  • proper utilization of technology, etc.

Here are some other reasons why you should go for an external partner for your marketing automation strategy.

  • In case marketing automation process is not core to your business, it is recommended to hire a marketing automation.
  • When you don’t have a right person to manage it internally.
  • When a budget is not a major concern for your business.
  • If deployment speed is an issue.

Here are some key advantage for hiring or outsourcing marketing automation specialist over managing it in-house.

  • Cost-efficient knowledge bank: An specialized person do all the work that a full-time marketing employee do at a lesser cost. An added advantage is that there’s always a person to look after your campaign when you or concerned person is on leave.
  • Get expertise that you lack: If you are not a marketing automation expert then creating and running an automated marketing campaign on your own can be a daunting task. Hiring a marketing automation specialists ensures that you have the expertise to carry out your marketing automation task.
  • Lead nurturing is no more a challenge: Once you get an automation expert, lead nurturing become really simple which is otherwise a tough task to do, it allows your marketing and sales team to focus mainly on other tasks of marketing and sales like content development, converting leads into a customer, etc.
Final Thought

If you (or your team) have a good understanding of Marketing Automation like how to do it, how to implement it and do have enough technical skills then you can manage it by yourself, no need to hire an agency or consultant. But remember, lack of skill is one of the biggest reason for the failure of Marketing Automation.

Therefore, think and take decision accordingly. If you or your team is capable enough to implement marketing automation then do it by yourself, otherwise take help of an agency or consultant if there is lack of technical skill.

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