Difference Between Email marketing and Email Automation

Email marketing and Email Automation

An email marketing channel can turn out to be an effective channel if leverage it well. At present, the total number of email has reached 3.8 billion and by 2023, is expected to reach 4.4 billion users. This figure shows how important email as a channel has become.

To make your email marketing effort more fruitful add email automation into your email marketing strategy. To stay ahead of your competitors you must incorporate these two strategies. While email marketing helps you reach a large audience, email automation enhances the relevancy of that reach.  


However, you must be wondering these two sounds same, are these strategies the same or is there any difference? The broad difference is email marketing only lets you track the actions that have happened through emails. On the other hand, email automation tracks every action done by your lead or customer with your business.

Both these are quite a different approach, here are detailed differences between these two.

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Lead Scoring
With the email marketing tool, the details about your leads are limited, it can’t provide a deep insight into your leads. Whereas, if we talk about email automation, it collects extensive data about customer behavioral patterns. It also helps in customizing your campaign making it more relevant to your audience.
Behavioral and analytics tracking
An Email marketing platform only gathers data regarding email campaigns, while email automation has a wide variety of data collection. Email marketing only lets you know the details regarding your email such as email open rate, click-through rate. In short, it gets you insight only thing involved with your email marketing campaign. On the other hand, email automation tracks customer’s information through every platform that they interact with you. It gives you a clear insight into the buyer’s journey.
Time requirement
Email marketing requires a lot of time and effort to build an email marketing campaign. It starts with collecting email ids, segmenting them, creating emails, etc, there are lots of things to look after. Not that email automation doesn’t require any time or effort, it requires the same process, but it helps you be more accurately relevant to your customer.
It gives you a lot more options and choices. For example, drip campaigns let you schedule emails that are sent automatically to leads, automatically follow up emails based on customer’s past interaction, an automated email campaign does it all.
Measuring ROI
Since email automation gives you full access to the customer journey, it lets you know the exact way a customer purchase, in other words, what medium of your make them purchase like email, landing page, or website. Email marketing platforms can’t tell you this thing.
In other words, it is tough to calculate ROI through email marketing. But, that’s not the case with email automation.
There are lots more differences between email marketing and email automation, the above-mentioned points are just the basic differences. However, both are a great way of getting connected to the audiences. Choose the one that best fits your organization’s needs and goals.


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