Deployment Of Marketing Automation And It’s Audit

marketing automation audit

When you start seeing a new doctor, the foremost thing doctor takes is a complete physical examination of yours. It shows a baseline of your current health and accordingly doctor treat you, provide you feedback on how you’re doing, how’s your health and precautions you can take to improve your health. Marketing automation audit is also a doctor of marketing automation software.

Same applies to your marketing program/campaign. Complete marketing audit considered as the first step in every strategic marketing plan. This will tell you where your brand is, what’s working well and what needs to get improved.


In a competitive, fast-changing marketplace, marketing automation audit offers you a powerful advantage to evaluate your automation program.

Here are six checklists which should be used while deploying marketing automation in business.

Form notification

It should be checked that whether both marketer and visitor are getting notification regarding successful submission of the form or not. Generally, marketers get the notification on successful submission of the form but visitor don’t get. If the same applies in your case then you required to audit your marketing automation software because it is equally important to get visitor informed about it as it is important for marketers.

Synchronization of the landing page

A landing page is a page where a visitor lands after taking some action like clicking on the link, form submission, etc. It is a page which redirects visitors to a different page from the current page. This page can be different for different visitors hence it should be in proper synchronization from the website and action taken by visitors i.e. it should be not like that visitor click on the link but in place of the relevant page, any other page gets open.


Auditing of marketing automation is required when automation software fails to segment contacts properly. Segmentation plays an important role in proper deployment of marketing automation software if contacts are not segmented properly irrelevant messages would be sent to the contact which ultimately leads to an unsuccessful marketing campaign.

Manage and clean up the database 

Audit plays an important part to manage the list. It recognizes areas where the prospect either need to be removed from the data or added to another list. Audit force marketers to take a proactive approach to review the data at frequent intervals. It ensures every prospect associated with at least one list then the chances to miss any lead will be very less or no less would get unnoticed.

Marketing automation is always evolving 

Marketing automation keeps on changing: technology, tactics, features. It’s easy to leave behind in such a competitive marketplace if you don’t keep yourself upgrade. An audit can help you out to consider which factors need to adopt, it will keep on checking, and if there will be any new update it will ask you to update.

Marketing automation helps us to identify new opportunity and provide an accurate path to reach your targeted segment.

It is recommended that marketers should audit their account at least once per quarter. If done correctly, your account will not get disorganized, outdated, or underused. This exercise (auditing) able you to review your work, make improvement and generate new ideas.


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