Customer Segmentation Mistakes To Avoid

Customer Segmentation Mistakes

The best way to make the most of your customer relationship is by understanding customer needs, pain points and buying persona. And this you can achieve by doing customer segmentation-it provides valuable information about customers, that marketers can use to make stronger marketing strategies.

It not only allows you to identify different types of customers but it also enables you to understand them better result in better engagement and higher open rate. See the effect of list segmentation on Email Marketing Stats


While market segmentation works wonders when implemented effectively, it does not mean that it is immune to mistakes.

Here are some of the customer segmentation mistakes to avoid if you want to get the most out of segmentation.

Using disorganized or unclear data

Sales and marketing data comes in a massive amount. With so much data coming so fast, it’s hard to keep your data clean, accurate and streamlined.

Lacking in determining which drives performance can lead to inconsistent results. Make sure to perform an audit, consolidate your data and regularly clean your data.

Not align segment with the business goal

While defining market segments, ensure that your segments are defined according to your business goals. As per your business product select your audience.

For example, if your goal is to target your past customer then segment your data according to that so that you can send them win-back emails or offers. It won’t be helpful if you send them information about some welcome offer.

Make sure your goal is measurable, specific and clear to everyone, relevant, achievable and time-based.

Segment created with limited data

If you have created a segment with a little amount of data then your marketing segmentation strategy will be limited by that information only.

For example, if you have created a special offer for women but you haven’t collected data about the gender of your customers, then it will be impossible to send that special offer to only women customers on your list.

You should regularly analyze your target audience profile to identify new information in order to create a more effective marketing campaign.

Not considering the time factor

Apart from other factors, you should also segment your market based on engagement time. Each segment has a different response time and responds differently when contacted at different times.

For instance, working professionals tend to respond during nights while the homemaker responds during the afternoon.

You should pay more attention to the time factor if you’re using social media to reach your audience. Because not all social media works in the same way, so you have to consider the time of posting depending on social media. Take your time to determine the best timing.

Customer Segmentation Mistakes
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Defining segment too broadly

The whole idea behind segmentation is to focus on a particular section of the market and target them in a way that increases conversions. If your segment would be too broad then you fail to engage with them effectively. Too broad and vague segments are more likely to waste your time as well as your resources.


It is important to regularly review your segmentation strategy & customer segmentation mistakes and improve them over time. When segmented properly you’ll end up providing a more satisfying experience to your audience.


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