Email is one of the most cost-efficient ways to market your product. For realtors, emails are a valuable tool for acquiring new customers and selling more properties. There are billions of emails sent every day, so how can you stand out? The answer is through the subject line. Email subject lines for real estate can help you to attract new leads, stay connected with existing clients, and grow your business.

In this post, we’ll focus on how to create good subject lines for real estate 


Factors that Make Good Email Subject Lines for Real Estate

Email subject lines for real estate must be relevant, enticing, and informative. You want to give subscribers a little glimpse of what they are going to find in the email, but you don’t want to give everything away in the subject line and discourage them from opening it.

Keep these tips in mind while crafting your subject lines:

Short is Good

Email Subject Lines for Real Estate

Keep in mind that your subject line should be short. Lengthy subject lines can fall out of view in the reader’s inbox, especially on mobile, which can account for a large proportion of all your email opens. To prevent this, try to keep the email subject line in the range of 40 characters or about 5-7 words. That will be sufficient.

Adding a Sense of Urgency

People won’t open your email until they think it contains something important. To convince subscribers to open your emails, subject lines should invoke a sense of urgency. This can make your audience feel as if they will miss out on something important if they don’t open the email.

Is one of your listings about to expire? Are you holding only one open house at a certain property? Use your subject line to convey this information.

Further, subject lines that invoke a sense of urgency helps in increasing your open rates. you must avoid words such as “call now” or “hurry.” These words can cause your emails to be marked as spam. 

Use  Personalization

Personalized subject lines have higher engagement as recipients feel like you’re talking directly to them. When making a decision regarding buying or selling a property, clients want to feel as if their realtor is giving them individualized attention. Phrase subject lines in a way that shows your recipients fells that you are giving them attention personally. 

Keep Your Subject Lines Relevant

Make sure that your subject lines reflect the content of your emails. Never mention property for sale in the subject line if your email is all about staging a living room. You will come across as more reliable, and recipients will be more likely to view you as a trustworthy and knowledgeable resource.

Ask Questions

Subject lines framed as questions can perform better. By asking a question, a reader is subconsciously generating an answer to your question and is encouraged to click to see what you reveal on the other side. Asking questions can also encourage your subscribers to stop and consider something they haven’t thought of before. A question like, “Is your home ready to sell?” can prompt them to open the email and check to make sure they are fully prepared to sell their home.

Avoid Your Emails From Being Marked as Spam

To reduce the chances of your emails being marked as spam, avoid these common spam triggers in your subject lines:

  • Too many punctuation marks in a row, like !!! or ???
  • Spammy words and phrases such as “free,” “guarantee,” and “click here”
  • Using excessive symbols such as #, @, and %
  • Writing in all caps

Email Subject Lines for Real Estate

Use Emojis in Your Email Subject Lines

Using too many emojis can make your email appear unprofessional. Some email clients don’t support emojis, so they may not render properly for all email recipients. If you’d like to use emoji in your subject lines, stick to one that is the most relevant to your content.

The success of Your Subject Lines

In order to measure the success of your subject lines are, you should analyze the open rates for each email you send. Open rate is the percentage of emails that were opened compared to how many emails were sent.

‌The average open rate for the real estate industry is 13.42%. If most of your open rates consistently fall below that number, you may need to pay closer attention to which of your subject lines perform best.‌

You can also conduct A/B testing, Through this, you can send two versions of the same email with one distinguishing factor (in this case, the subject line). A/B testing is a valuable tool that can help you understand which subject lines work and which ones don’t.

Sample Real Estate Subject Lines

The best real estate subject lines utilize a combination of all of the strategies mentioned above. They should be clear, concise, and offer value to the email recipient. Here are a few real estate email subject line examples:

  • [Client Name], want to buy a new house?
  • Never Miss Out on Property
  • Your Dream Home is Waiting for you
  • Secrets Other Realtors Won’t Tell You
  • 5 Ways to Boost Your Property Value by 35%
  • How does your home compare?



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