How to Create a Perfect Event Marketing Email for the Upcoming Events

Event Marketing Email

Do you run events for your business?

The main purpose of running events is to get maximum attendees regardless of if it is a launch event, networking event, press conference or any celebration event. The supervision of your events is in vain if you do not gain spectators to attend it.


The best way to reach the maximum audience and increase attendees is by Email Marketing.

Event email is an email which invites and encourages people to attend the event which is hosted by you. This event email has to be enticing with compelling action. Before sending this email, senders must know the strategy that has to be followed for this email in the campaign.

Apart from basic email marketing tips, here I am sharing top tactics to create a reliable email for event marketing that can drive earlier registration and maximum audience for the event.

Read on….

  1. Targeted email list

Create an email list keeping in mind the interests of each contact. Are they really interested in your event? Look out for age groups relevant to your events and that might be interested. Events are the occasions that need your physical appearance, so there is no point of sending this email to the people who are far away from the place you are conducting your event. For example, I am running an event in San Francisco so I will eliminate all the other contacts, which are far away from San Francisco.

So in order to keep your open, click-through and response rates high, it’s better to segment your list accordingly.

  1. Concise content

The content you will use must be confined to the details of the event. No need to add any extra information. Since extra add-on will result out lengthy email content which can annoy the readers. Keep the content short and informative up to the event details and venue. Also, highlight the host guests, if someone is there. Use personalization and colorful graphics relevant to the event and make it look beautiful with clear and precise content.

  1. Mention Details

Now that you have your targeted email list with concise content, it is the time to give the exact description. It outlines the event with what attendees can expect to see and what will be the outcome of attending this event. Mention the date and time of the event clearly with the title and tagline that you are giving to this event. By providing date and time you help the people to decide whether they will be able to attend the event or not. Accordingly, you can get a genuine response and an anticipated list of attendees.

  1. Visible and Clear Call-To-Action Button

Call to action is an instruction to the audience to provoke an immediate response. Don’t underestimate the importance of word choice in your call to action. The words in your call to action provide the necessary direction for subscribers to follow through with an action. Use action-inducing words, keep it short and be relatable.

  1. Social Proof

Adding testimonials to your email brings up more registrations and attendees. Providing social proof to ticket holders and registrants not only brings anticipation but it may even get them to bring a friend. Also, readers become curious about your event like what exactly it will comprise. Is it worth their time?

Even if your event is charge-free then also the attendees are investing their time and energy on it. Social proof helps to clear their doubt about the event. Like, whether going for this event will be helpful and feasible for them or not. You must incorporate testimonials from previous attendees, or expert reviews of your event, and even the number of attendees who attended your previous campaigns. Encourage your readers that attending this event is worth their time and money.

Note: While following these tips, do not forget the basic email marketing tips that need to be proceeded ahead before running the email campaigns.

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