Create, Edit, and Share Google Docs, Sheet, and Slide within Dropbox


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More than a year after announcing their integration, these two finally came together. Dropbox now directly integrates with Google letting its business users work with Google without leaving Dropbox.
It allows it’s business customers to create and edit files in Google Docs, Sheets and Slides right from its platforms.
Currently, the feature is available only to its business customer but it will eventually be available to everyone.
This integration came as a blessing for those who rely on both (Dropbox and Google) to get their work done. You can search for Google Docs within Dropbox, share files and documents on them, make comments and edits.
In an interview with VentureBeat last year, Billy Blau, Dropbox’s head of technology partnerships, said that more than 50 percent of its Business subscribers also use G Suite. “It really comes from the fact that we have a big overlap of customer bases,” he said. “We have hundreds of millions of users who have Gmail addresses and are also G Suite users.”

How it works

To leverage this integration, firstly you need a Dropbox Business Subscription and G Suite account, then opt-in and connect your Google and Dropbox accounts.
Once done, you can work on G Suite content as you were doing earlier. Files can be created from scratch, users will be able to search, view, comment, edit, move, copy or delete files. On mobile, users will not be able to edit files, they can only manage and preview files.
Creating a Docs file inside Dropbox
Collaborative editing can still be done through Google’s traditional editor and notifications about comments appear in the Dropbox system tray icon.
You can add a file on a shared Dropbox folder, either on a one-off basis (without adding them to a shared folder), or give access to them as part of a shared folder.
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