Coupons in email marketing are an efficient way to increase engagement and conversion. These email coupons are the vouchers that you can send your contacts that entitle them to a discount on a particular product or overall purchase.  Emails coupon is one of the best ways to engage the audience and drive sales. 

Advantages of using  Coupons in Email marketing

Build Loyalty: Coupons can establish brand loyalty to your subscribers.


Competitive Edge: Customers always look for the best deals they can possibly find and offering coupons to them can be a great way to make sure that you stay ahead of the competition.

Attract New Customers: Coupons also attracts new customers as offering discounts and additional offer can attract new customers. 

Raise Brand Awareness: Coupon leaves an impression on customers as they show affection to the customers. 

Target Audience: Coupons are also helpful in targetting a particular audience as you can send coupons to a particular group based on the segmentation.

Types of Coupons in Email Marketing

Buy One, Get One(BOGO)

A buy one gets one coupon is generally used by enterprises to liquidate their products. Businesses generally charge the extra amount to give another product for free on their purchase

Discount Coupons

A discount coupon lets your customer pay an amount or percentage less than the listed price for an item. It generally contains a promotion code that one can apply at the time of doing payment to attain a discount on the final price.

Free Gifts

Offering a coupon for a free gift with purchase can help boost sales and get people excited about your eCommerce store. By adding a free gift when a customer meets a purchase minimum, you can encourage customers to buy more.

Free Shipping


Thanks to Amazon, free shipping has become a given when it comes to online shopping. If you’re not already offering free shipping on your eCommerce store, offering free shipping email coupons can help you boost sales.

Best Practices for Coupons in Email Marketing

Personalize Promo Codes

80% of customers say that they only consider engaging with promotions if they have been personalized based on their previous interactions with the organization. 

Welcome Discount

Welcome email list discounts are always expected by online shoppers. Meet customer’s expectations and start your relationship with a welcome discount. They deserve a little perk for handing over their email address and helping you grow your subscriber list.

Auto-apply Discounts at Checkout

Whenever you advertise a promo code in your email, automatically apply the discount to the person’s checkout when they click through to your site. Many organizations fail to practice this. 

Surprise Discounts

Customers love to save, but they especially like saving when they weren’t expecting to. Delight customers with your promo code creativity. Surprise promo codes offer an added benefit: they reduce coupon fatigue while potentially improving your overall open rates. Once customers catch on to your proclivity for surprise promos, they’ll know they need to open all of your emails in order to avoid missing out.

Influencers Discounts

Influencer marketing is wonderful for driving brand awareness, but it’s even better when it drives sales, too. Many brands share exclusive promo codes with their influencers to pass on to their fans. When it comes to influencer marketing with promo codes, brands typically either use promo codes alone, or they tie them to unique tracking URLs. 

Promo Codes in Subject Line

Want to make sure people open your emails? Give them a hint of the offer inside. Don’t be afraid to include the promo code in your subject line or email header. Whether to include the actual discount code or not, use language that indicates that this offer is available for a limited time only. Include phrases like  “Hurry!”, “Last Chance!”,  “SAVE!”. If customers want to save they need to purchase now.



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