How To Create Mautic Web Form

Mautic Support: How To Create Mautic Web Form

A webform, also known as HTML form, is an online page that allows for user input. Website forms are an important part of the...
How to create Landing Page 

Mautic Support: How To Create Landing Page

Mautic offers some amazing pre-built landing page template that is, of course, generic to all Mautic users but if you want you can create...
Marketing Automation for Manufacturers

Is Marketing Automation Beneficial for Manufacturers

Manufacturing companies have been looking to automate their working for years. Whether it’s to manage the front and back office processes or to track...
Fitness Business

Scale up your Fitness Business with Marketing Automation

Fitness business is very different from other business, it’s not easy to grow business, increase customers. The main source to increase business is print...
CRM and Automated Marketing

Why CRM and Automated Marketing is a Must Have Combo for...

If you own a business, you must always be wondering how to boost sales and increase profit? The easiest answer is: know your customers...
Automated Marketing Features

3 Automated Marketing Features SMBs Need To Implement

There’s no denying that in the current scenario SMBs are facing the maximum competition. Every day new startups are emerging, the plethora of options...
Implementing Marketing Automation

5 Signs You Should Implement Marketing Automation in Your Business

If we have any problem in our system, the system itself gives us a signal that there’s something wrong, we start feeling the same...
What is Marketing Automation

What is Marketing Automation and Why is it Required?

No matter how many times we heard, write and say about marketing automation but marketers still questioning about it. What exactly is marketing automation and why...
Automation Email Campaigns

Automation Email Campaigns in Marketing Automation

Email automation enables you to send targeted messages at the right time to your prospects or customers based on the schedule or trigger, to...
CRM Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation in CRM (MA and CRM Integration)

Most of the organizations have marketing and sales teams that work together, their work and goal aligned with each other. The main goal of...

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