Mautic Email Builder

Mautic Email Builder

Mautic is a great tool for automation campaigns. But what about sending emails with Mautic?  The majority of marketers rely on email as their primary...
Mautic Landing Pages

Mautic Landing Pages

Mautic landing pages are powerful features and critically important to most businesses. Using Mautic landing pages can give us insight into what kind of...
Mautic issues

Mautic Issues

While working on Mautic it is possible you face issues. Here we are mentioning some of the generic Mautic issues and their solutions.  Mautic issues Unable...
Mautic Pricing

Mautic Pricing

If you’re a consistent reader of our blog you must know we have already mentioned several times what Mautic is. But I start this...
Mautic User Guide

Mautic User Guide

Before coming to the Mautic user guide, let us know what Mautic is? What is Mautic?  Mautic is an open-source marketing automation software that has features...
Mautic Getting Started

Mautic Getting Started

Mautic Getting Started Mautic is an open-source marketing automation software available for small businesses and large businesses. Who are looking to get into marketing automation...
How to Create Focus Item

Mautic Support: How To Create Focus Item (Pop-Up Form)

You can place a notification, form or link on your website through bars, modals, notifications or even full-page overlay, across the top, middle or...
lead scoring

Mautic Support: Lead Scoring

Lead scoring is a modal that helps to score your leads based on certain things such as demographics, behavior, region, social media presence, last...
How To Create An Automated Email Campaign

Mautic Support: How To Create An Automated Email Campaign

The automated campaign enables you to create a powerful personalized campaign to turn your prospects into customers and to nurture your existing customers.   Automated campaign...
How To Create Mautic Web Form

Mautic Support: How To Create Mautic Web Form

A webform, also known as HTML form, is an online page that allows for user input. Website forms are an important part of the...

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