How to do Email Marketing For a Restaurant

How to do Email Marketing For a Restaurant

No Doubt Email marketing is an economical way to promote your restaurants. Restaurant Management can effectively use to get targeted messages directly to customers. Junk Mails...
Email Marketing Goals

Essential Email Marketing Goals For SMBs

No matter when you are taking the appropriate steps to set the goals out of your marketing activities. It’s anytime is the right time....
Promotional Emails

5 Things To Avoid When Sending Promotional Emails

While email marketing may seem old school compared to Tweeting, texting and uploading pics to Flicker, it still tops customer preferences for gaining useful...
Abandonment Cart Email

7 Tips for Personalized Abandonment Cart Email

Abandonment Cart Email is really effective and fully personalized it reduces shopping cart abandonment by 20%-30% and engages with your customers throughout their purchase...
Email Marketing Strategies

Jumpstart Your Email Marketing Strategies with these 5 Super-Fast Fixes

Email Marketing requires a hell lot of careful planning and work to be effective. When it's done right, it can drive traffic to your...
Optimize Email Marketing

5 Practices to Optimize Reach & Response Out of Email Marketing

Deliverability is critical to the success of your email campaigns, so manage it proactively. Here are 5 best practices that can help maximize your...
Email Newsletter

How To Maximize Open Rate For Email Newsletter

Open rate tells you the beginning story of your marketing campaigns. By analyzing it, you might know what is working and what is not....
E-mail Marketing Rules

E-mail Marketing Rules To Follow Before Sending

E-mail marketing can be a powerful and effective tool to help your business...if executed properly. The success of an e-mail campaign isn't just based...

Strategies for a Successful Follow-Up Email Campaign

Follow-Up Email Campaign!! When it comes to building your brand and selling your product when you are dealing with info-product like eBooks or course most...
email management


A good email management best practices can minimize email impact by up to 80% without affecting employees or customers. When used appropriately, email is...

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