What Is Email Marketing?

How to Run an Email Marketing Campaign that Increases ROI

What Is Email Marketing? Email Marketing is one of the techniques of digital marketing which uses electronic mail as the medium for communication delivery. It...
Email Marketing Platform

Additional Features: Email Marketing Platform Must Have

While not absolutely essential in all programs, the following features are becoming increasingly common, desired and should be considered when determining the right email...
Email marketing for tour and travel industry

Email Marketing For Tour And Travel Industry

Email marketing for tour and travel industry helps to engage their prospect/customer in a more effective way. You can send drip campaigns to your...
Avoid These Spam Triggered Words

Avoid These Spam Triggered Words

Avoid These Spam Triggered Words in order to land your email in the inbox and make sure it should not land in spam or...
Email Mobile Optimization

9 Statistics that Prove We Need Email Mobile Optimization

Email mobile optimization simply means your email is mobile-friendly and if it is not then it should be. If you read emails on a regular...

Factors That Determine Reputation And Deliverability

Deliverability  77% of delivery problems are because of sender reputation. 23% of delivery problems are due to content   SOURCE: fulcrumtech Sender reputation The following are the...
Spam Mark

FACTORS: To Prevent From Being Marked As Spam

Spam Mark or marked as spam is the worst thing that can happen with any email marketing campaign. It is a responsibility of an...
Why Email Marketing is Must For SMBs

Why Email Marketing is Must For SMBs

Facts on the Basis of Stats: No matter how many online marketing tools are available in the picture of marketing communication, Email marketing will remain...
Email marketing for SMBs

Email Marketing Should Remain on Top Priority for SMBs

Email marketing for SMBs is just like water to plant. If we want a plant to grow we need to water them, here's the...
Best Time To Send An Email

 Time Cycle Of Emailing  

To choose the best day and time to send a campaign is difficult because ideal sending times vary between industries and lists. It may...

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