Top 10 Email Marketing Softwares

Top 10 Email Marketing Software

Let us take you through the era of digitalization and growing marketing trends. Looking at the current marketing trends comprises of multiple marketing methods....
Email Marketing KPIs

Measure Your Email Marketing Success With KPIs

Email marketing is one channel that can’t be ignored when taking your business online because you can directly contact your target audience....
Digital Marketing Platforms

Email Marketing VS Social Media Marketing

Email marketing and social media marketing are the two most important digital marketing platforms. If one wants to achieve a higher success rate and better...
Email Design Hacks

Email Design Hacks

Satisfying user experience is what matters the most. People prefer those brands and attracted to brands that delivered at par user experience. In order to...
Email Automation Benefits

Top 5 Email Automation Benefits

Email automation is a technology that is used to automate emails. It is used to send targeted emails at a specific time or in...
Automation Email Campaigns

Automation Email Campaigns in Marketing Automation

Email automation enables you to send targeted messages at the right time to your prospects or customers based on the schedule or trigger, to...
Personalized Calls to Action

Personalized Calls to Action Perform Better Than Basic CTAs

When you log in to Facebook, the content you searched on Google or the content you most enjoyed online was customized and served up...
Bounce Rate

5 Best Practice to Decrease Bounce Rate

So you’ve been consistently publishing a blog, promoting them across all social channels but still, you are not getting leads. According to a study,...
Event Marketing Email

How to Create a Perfect Event Marketing Email for the Upcoming...

Do you run events for your business? The main purpose of running events is to get maximum attendees regardless of if it is a launch...
What Is Email Marketing?

How to Run an Email Marketing Campaign that Increases ROI

What Is Email Marketing? Email Marketing is one of the techniques of digital marketing which uses electronic mail as the medium for communication delivery. It...

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