Email marketing SMS marketing

Email Marketing or SMS Marketing which one to choose?

Email marketing and SMS marketings are the leading communication mediums that are used by organizations to reach their current and future audiences. These allow...
Best Practices for Sending Mass Emails

Best Practices for Sending Mass Emails

There comes a time in your digital marketing campaign when you need to send mass emails to your targeting audience. Doing it the right...
Interesting Facts About Email Marketing

Interesting Facts About Email Marketing

Email marketing is a form of direct marketing where a business uses email to promote their product and services for the growth of their...
Email marketing in eCommerce

Email Marketing in eCommerce

Today, we’ll go over how important email marketing is in eCommerce.   How Important Is Email Marketing In eCommerce? Emails drive traffic to your website. With the...
Elements of Email Design

Elements of Email Design 

An effective email design can set your email apart from the masses. Also, increase your response rates by tweaking your email template to include...
Email Subject Lines for Real Estate

Creating the Best Email Subject Lines for Real Estate

Email is one of the most cost-efficient ways to market your product. For realtors, emails are a valuable tool for acquiring new customers and...
Fonts in email marketing

Fonts In Email Marketing

Fonts are one of the crucial design elements in your email. The arrangement, style, and appearance are known as typography. When utilized correctly, typography...
no reply emails

Never Use No-Reply Emails

There are many organizations that use no-reply emails. This type of address discourages subscribers from replying to certain emails. There are some major issues...
Permission-based email marketing

Permission-Based Email Marketing

Permission-based email marketing is a technique that sells goods and services through email communication once consent is given. It is also known as opt-in...
Surveys In Email Marketing For Engagement

Surveys In Email Marketing For Engagement

In this blog, we will see how one can use surveys in email marketing for engagement. Email is a great mode of the channel... offers World’s most cost effective Email Marketing Software (EmailPush). We also offer “Email Verification Services” to remove all wrong email addresses.

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