Email Marketing Software

Top 3 Most Economical Email Marketing Software

1-SendinBlue SendinBlue is a SAAS based email marketing software which is a complete email and SMS suite. The platform is helping marketers to reach hit...
Top 5 Email Marketing Software

Top 5 Email Marketing Software

1. MailChimp MailChimp is the foundation of Email Marketing and it is known to be the market leader for Email Marketing Softwares. It started with...
Aweber VS Mailchimp

Aweber VS Mailchimp

Aweber VS Mailchimp Aweber VS Mailchimp here's the answer to all your questions. About the comparison between the two best email marketing software. For Details :...

About helps companies to grow their business using our intelligent “Marketing Softwares”.

This includes :

1. EmailPush - Email Marketing Software
2. Marketic - Marketing Automation Software

Get Free Email Marketing Software (EmailPush)

● Sending Quota : 15,000 Email credits / month
● Max Subscribers : 2,500

Get Free Marketing Automation Software (Marketic)

● All Marketing Automation Features
● 1000 Contacts
● 2000 Email Credits / Month
● Free CRM
● 5 Landing Pages
● 5 Conversion Forms