Types of CTAs You Can Use On Your Website

Call to Action

The ultimate goal of an email campaign is to achieve maximum CLICK THROUGH RATE. Your email marketing campaign is unsuccessful if your click-through rate is low.

Call to Action Button is the button that is inserted in your email through which visitors open the hypertext link to a particular site or redirect to a particular page. If you can not write a compelling call to action then you are likely to have an underperforming email campaign.


Call-to-action should be effective enough that a visitor comes to it and can’t help but dig deep to find a way to buy or get in touch with you.

Almost every visitors need help, they need strong calls to action (CTAs) that help them find what they’re looking for and offer them what they need.

Being a marketer you often go through certain dilemma regarding CTA like:

Where should I put CTAs on my website?

What CTAs do I need on my website?

Do I need to put more than one CTA on my website?

How I make my CTA effective? (Read here)

I this post we are going to talk about the types of CTAs you can use on your website. Here are 6 major types of CTAs that you can use.

Newsletter Subscription CTAs

Newsletter subscription needs to be effective because it is an important part of the website. it‘s just not enough to say “Hey subscribe to my newsletter”.

One of the ways to make your CTA compelling is by using a lead magnet or a general purpose subscription form on your site.

Check out this CTA from Andy Crestodina of Orbit Media

A lot of marketers focus on increasing the visibility of their newsletter CTAs. You  can also do this by:

  • Having a scrolling bar on your website
  • Using a pop-up window
  • Using an exit-intent pop-up, which occurs when visitors try to leave your site.

It is worth having a newsletter CTA on your site- it should be simple, offer benefits to visitors and a proof of what you offer.

Lead Magnet CTAs

A lead magnet is anything you offer a website visitor in exchange for their contact information. A lead magnet can be an ebook, PDFs, email course or can be anything your audience finds valuable. The lead magnet always boosts subscription rates.

All of the same factors that affect newsletter subscription rates also affect lead magnet CTAs. But in lead magnet CTA you can create more personalized CTA to each page than a general newsletter subscription.

Purchase CTAs

Sometimes, you don’t want to beat around the bushes and want someone to make a purchase directly from the site.

Creation of purchase CTAs depends on the type of product or website you have.

  • An e-commerce store website, visitors browse products, you need to have multiple “Add to Cart”  CTAs for the range of products you have.
  • A software company with multiple plans needs CTAs for each plan.

When you create purchase CTAs, try to make a single offer, draw attention to your ideal products through CTA.

Learn more CTAs

Sometimes a sale is not your aim, you want to pull people deeper into your site. Many times, your visitors are not ready to buy from you right away. They need more information, want to get an answer to their question before they make a purchase.

If you have multiple offering or multiple features to your products, then it’s hard to know what people will be interested in when they first arrive on your site.

So what do you do? Invite them to “Learn More.”

This kind of CTAs is very helpful to know what your new visitors want, with this kind of CTAs you can find out what they want by figuring out what they click on.

Social sharing CTAs

If you want to share your content/blog post you need social sharing CTAs.

There are mainly three major types of social sharing CTAs.

  • Social media icons that link to your sharing CTAs.
  • Social share on the sidebar of posts
  • In line sharing CTAs
Contact Request and Form Submission

You can have forms in the form of CTAs on your site. For demos, free trials, contact request, free consultation you can ask your visitors to fill out a form.

For service-based businesses, people who fill out forms are at bottom of funnel leads. A contact form is the first step to contact to initiate a communication.

For software businesses, free trials and demos are common ways to make the first contact with a potential customer.

What you put on a contact form depends on your business type. Make your forms clear, people should know what they get after filling the form or after they contact you.


As mentioned above, the type of CTAs you use on your website depends on your business and goal behind to put CTAs on a website. You can use a mix of CTAs or more than one CTAs for different purposes, like

Turning visitors into leads

Converting leads into customers

Collecting information about leads/customers.

Your call to action should be clear, prominent and must offer some value to your visitors.


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