Biteable Review 2019

Biteable online video creation Software


Biteable is a growing video creation software based in Australia It was founded in 2014 and says to have reached a user base of 4.4 million in 2018. Comprising of various categories and templates as per requirement. Multiple sound options and upload track options are present. The color palette provides multiple combinations to create presentable and effective videos. Providing animation libraries and explainer videos by selecting your requirements.


  • Video Templates
  • Multiple Selective themes
  • Sound Tracks
  • Image Import and Sound Imports
  • Colour Customizations
  • Free Plan Availability
  • Download Videos (Premium Version)
  • HD TV Video Quality

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Why Should we consider this?

Biteable can be considered by the companies who are looking forward to a paid version of the software. It offers two plans to the users. The paid plan consists of all the features with unlimited memory access.

Biteable is easy to use and does not require any techy person to be backed up with. It has a stock of clips that can be used to create specific theme based videos.


Plans & Pricing


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