Best Email Marketing Ideas to Grow Your Business

Email Marketing Ideas
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Email Marketing is routinely overlooked by clients. A common reason is that businesses don’t know what to do with the customer data and are short on ideas. For consumer-focused eCommerce websites, there are few more effective marketing activities and regular email marketing sales promotions and campaigns can help you to increase sales revenue.

So let’s look at some of the Email Marketing Ideas that you can use:

  • Tell your customers about your blog, highlight a recent article and encourage them to follow you on social media
  • Send an automatically scheduled courtesy email. Schedule delivery to a customer a few days after the order or make an inquiry, and give them your customer service details and ask if they need any further assistance.
  • Round-up of all of your latest products and present them in an email. For service companies, tell them about new services you offer.
  • Send an email to your customers to tell them about your latest reviews or customer testimonials and encourage them to leave a review.
  • Mail out a ‘great reasons to shop with/use us’ email, highlighting your USPs and outlining your excellent customer service.
  • Send out a voucher that gives free P&P for a limited period. Gives a discount off an order of a certain value or a limited time discount on one of your services.
  • Remember, whatever you do, make sure you act strategically and understand what you want to achieve before you do anything. Keep your email focused and ensure you have clear calls to action.

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