B2B VS B2C Marketing : Key Differences and Examples

B2B-vs-B2C Marketing
B2B-vs-B2C Marketing

B2B VS B2C marketing in both the types of market the purpose is to sale something or increase the visibility of the business or any product and services.It seems like similar but both the type of marketing are far away from each other. We will discuss in details about B2B And B2C marketing and there differences will help you to understand the market more clearly.

What is B2B Marketing?

B2B stands for business to business marketing in this type of marketing one business is selling the product or services to other businesses.


Examples :Software companies,steel manufacturers, chemical companies etc.

What is B2C Marketing?

B2C stands for business to consumers in this type of marketing the customers of this businesses are individual consumers.They target the daily basis needs of the consumers.

Examples: Toothpaste,Phone or Clothes etc.

B2B VS B2C Marketing Key Differences




1.Target Audience of B2B VS B2C

B2B target audience.

In B2B business the audience are high working professionals.They are the decision makers of the company. In this type of business for selling our product or services to other businesses they require a lot of approvals like budget,committees to sign a contract.

Examples: If any Software company want to sell there technology to other companies like Banks for that they need first set up a meeting with the decision makers of the banks then they will propose there business after that the high professionals do a lot of discussions with other professionals then signing of a contract and lots of approvals are required.


In B2C business the individual consumers make there own choices according to there needs on daily basis and there requirements.

In B2C business the person who is selling a Colgate to a customers to a customers buying clothes or beauty products from a store is a type B2C business.

2.Sales Cycle of B2B VS B2C

-In B2B marketing the sales cycle is bit complex because if one business is selling something to another business it will take a lot of time because in B2B business there are stakeholders are at different levels they need to discuss the proposals   trials,meetings,webinar,events to take a decision.
-It takes a lot of time to nurture one lead.

Example: To present one proposal to a business proper meeting is set up where you have tell in depth about your business then you have to show the trails then sometimes you even have to host a event or webinars it will take a either a lots of months or even a years to crack one business.

sales cycles of B2B VS B2C
sales cycles of B2B VS B2C

In B2C business we have to sell the products to an individual customers they are the decision makers it will either take a minute or an hour to take a decision to take a product.
No need of long meeting business contracts and all.

Example: If a sales person is selling any online courses then they will pitch to  a customers who self is the decision maker if they find it beneficial for there child they they will buy it instantly.

3.Platform of business of B2B VS B2C


For B2B marketing the platforms are linkedln,webinars,industry publications this look more professional for networking for any B2B businesses.

Example:If any company has some product like related to hospitality then the marketing team have to approach to some hospitals then to target whom they will get to know easily from these platforms like linkedln they will visit there business page and sell all the employees whom they want to target and all.


In B2C marketing the platforms are social media like Facebook,Instagram Ads by seeing these ads people do the enquiry online and buy a product.

If a ad of some apparels are running on social media and customer want to buy they will click it visit the website and make a order.

4.Messaging formats in  B2B VS B2C

For any message the medium of connections are messages how you frame them matters the most.In B2B Business the messages should be based on logic and ROI. You should frame the messages according to that it will show that how it will decrease the cost, increase the productivity with the references of statics data to prove it.

Example: If a cloud based company it targeting a big firm to sell there product they will highlight that how cloud will help to increase the storage run there network easily,enhance customer experience and boost revenue by 20% these are points must be included in there business in these lines it is shown the logic,urgency and cost effectiveness of the product.

Messaging formats in B2B VS B2C
Messaging formats in B2B VS B2C

In B2C business the framing of message scenario changes a lot in which you will focus on the customers needs create emotional touch inspirational stories for examples so that they can relate at a personal level.

If you are selling any course or taking admissions in coaching centre then the way of approaching to the customers are different you will tell them about your past students like for eg coaching of medical and engineering they see how many students have ranked all India level from your institute this will create a personal touch to them.

5.Scalability and Integrations in B2B VS B2C Business 

In B2B business the handling of large volume of transactions such as customers data,invoice many others. These needs to be handle with high level of accuracy.The CRM and ERP for the B2B business often have multiple for this the flow of the data is smooth.

If a company is supplying equipment to other company then the order tracking pricing and customer experience must be in good flow because the data is in bulk volume there are multiple financial transactions.

Comparison of a cloud software for B2B vs B2C Marketing
Comparison of a cloud software for B2B vs B2C Marketing

In B2C businesses the traffic is only created on there platform when its a festive seasons or have some offers or discount then the placing of orders are high for this they need to look over traffic.They send messages through automation techniques in social media platforms.

Example: If an e commerce company is selling something online then there sale is high in the festive season so for them the managing the traffic is the most important task so that there site wont crash and customer should good experience.


In this blog we have discussed the difference between B2B and B2C business the main aim is to sell but there target audience are different, there sales pitch there decision makers time duration to complete one sales are different. In this we have seen there CRM are also different there platforms for networking are also different. It will help you to understand the business how to reach them whom to target the approach all the differences in this blog.



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