B2B Demand Generation Myths

B2B Demand Generation Myths

Demand generation has always been an integral part of the business but with the cut-throat competition and technology advancement, demand generation has never been more important.

But if your B2B demand generation strategy based on faulty assumptions or myths then your strategy would probably fail.


There are many myths associated with demand generation which are making it harder for B2B marketers to get success.

Below are the five most common myths that need to get dispelled.

Demand generation and lead generation is the same

Most of the people considered demand generation and lead generation the same but demand generation is more than lead generation.

Lead generation and all other customer acquisition techniques come under demand generation.

The demand generation creates demand for products or services. While lead generation is a process of contacting the prospect and converting them into potential leads.

Lead generation collects information from people who have shown an interest in your products. The demand generation generates that interest.

Demand generation is only about acquiring new leads

Demand generation is not solely for attracting new leads. It is about creating awareness about your products or services and you should make aware your customers throughout their journey like new updates in the product, new launch in the product line, etc. Thus demand generation can be and should be done throughout the customer life cycle for the purpose of customer retention.

It doesn’t need to be targeted

If you target the right audience then only you’ll see a result. Everyone needs a personalized experience and as a marketer/business owner it’s your responsibility to satisfy your leads/customer with a personalized experience at each and every stage.

Demand generation should be designed keeping the audience in mind, B2B buyers put a lot of effort in personalized content.

Technology will get you there

Technology cannot create demand, it can work as a medium through which demand can be generated. It does make us appear more advanced but we must first design the strategy and then according to the strategy we should determine what technology is needed to execute defined strategy successfully.

Demand generation is easy

Last but not least, it seems demand generation is easy but it’s not. Those who say B2B demand generation is quick and easy is simply not true they are either lack expertise or ill-informed.

Demand generation is not easy and in fact becoming more and more complex with each passing year because buyers have become more advanced, demanding and continue to change with their approaches to buying.  

With this being true, how can demand generation become easy?

Demand generation is crucial for customer lifecycle, there’s no shortcut to demand generation, you have to strategize and implement everything properly.

However, as well all know, what works for one may not work for another. So it’s possible some of the myth might turn out to be true for you.


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