Automated Marketing Techniques to Target Millennial

Automated Marketing Techniques

There’s no denying that marketing automation and CRM (customer relationship management) can improve the company’s marketing effort. It combines both technology and human effort that help to boost sales and enhance customer satisfaction. Apart from this it also has the power to target the millennial market.

Any company or business that wants to grow its business must target millennials and market to them. Millennials refer to the age group that was between 20-35 years old in 2017.


Top 3 Automated Marketing Techniques that attract Millennials

Marketing to millennials requires lots of effort and a tailored approach. This audience segment is a tech savvy-smartphone, tablets, and to a lesser extent-computers and televisions provide many opportunities. It might be correct to say that social media overrule television advertisements.

Your automated marketing techniques and CRM efforts must reflect this reality.

  1. Engage your clients across all your platforms. Do not rely on an advertisement or single-focus social media campaign to target your audience. Instead, create a marketing campaign that leverages multi-social media platforms along with traditional means of engagement. Examples include emails and opt-in newsletters                                                 
  2. Optimize mobile marketing to convert leads. Social media and mobile marketing work great together to turn visitors into customers. But you have to create and conduct a marketing campaign in accordance with mobile suitability. For example, you can create a drip campaign to target the millennial audience, next you can connect the email content to target social media campaigns.                                                                                     
  3. Emphasize quality and shared values. In layman terms, it refers to branding. It highlights the value that your business provides to the consumer. Millennials will not compromise on quality even if the price marks a little high. It is not necessary to issue a brand statement but highlight different facets through a series of automated emails and social media posts.
Online marketing is a must in order to connect with Gen-Y

Strong online presence of your brand is a must. Whether you are a small, medium or large company in order to get the success you have to put in an effort to build a strong online community. Engage your audience i.e. millennial in various engaging content like, fill in the blank content, survey form, including high-resolution images, GIFs, videos to keep the engagement rate high.

Getting started with Effective Marketing Automation Today

There’s a myth around that marketing automation and CRM are only for big companies but even startups can hit the ground by building their own platform and allowing them to utilize all the possible resources available along with CRM and Marketing Automation.


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