Marketing Automation 9 Advantages

Marketing automation advantages
Marketing Automation Experts at have collected the top ten benefits of marketing automation. It helps you decide whether an automated marketing solution is the right fit for your business. 
Let’s have a look at 9 Marketing automation advantages.
  1. Time is Money so Save it

You can create multiple campaigns and posts ahead of time, schedule them for a time and date in the future. You could, for example, create an entire month’s worth of Facebook posts in one day and set them to post throughout the month.

  1. Enable yourself to reach out to each one of your Audiences

Rather than having to manually segment customers based on their needs and preferences, some marketing automation solutions allow you to simply create restrictions that will allow customers to be automatically separated. For example, for an automotive dealership, you could create a list of customers who have purchased a particular brand’s car. The solution can then send messages and promotions to those customers that relate specifically to that car brand. This way, customers receive messages that are relevant to their individual needs.

  1. Time to cut down staff resources

With an automated solution, a single staff member can execute complex and ongoing campaigns and can connect with many more customers than would be possible manually.

  1. Leverage Detailed Reports

Automated marketing keep track of each email campaign, Facebook post, text messages or whatever it is that you are doing. A great solution will provide you with detailed graphs, statistics and other report data that you can analyze in order to optimize your future campaigns. Having data from your campaigns automatically collected and organized makes it simple to review these essential data.

  1. Being Consistent gonna be easy with Marketing Automation

If, for example, you are manually posting to Twitter or Facebook, you may remember to post on most days yet other work may take priority on some days. If you have automated posts or tweets scheduled, your account stays fresh and up to date. It let visitors know that you are an active and engaged business. A stale or inconsistently updated social media account may be the sign of a business that cannot properly manage its customer communication or, worse, does not view it as important. 

  1. Makes Lead Nurturing Easier

No longer do you have to only connect with each lead manually, which can be time-consuming. An automated marketing solution can help you reach out to a potential lead right from the beginning of their interaction. If, for example, a customer visits your website and signs up to receive your newsletters you can connect with them right away with an automated solution. They will receive a welcome and confirmation message. You can also tell the solution to send all new customers a discount coupon and a survey about their preferences.

  1. Saves you Money

If you are a small business looking to efficiently manage your budget, marketing automation can be an ideal solution. By reducing the need for staff to spend as much time and effort creating and distributing messages and collecting data, you can make the most of your resources.

  1. Helps you to build more useful and detailed customer profiles

An automated solution is always gathering information based on customers’ purchases, email opens and responses, selected preferences and more. All this data is stored for future use, to allow you to reach out to each customer more effectively.

  1. Create a consistent brand presence on multiple channels

Automating your marketing means that you are now able to expand your campaigns across multiple channels. Channels such as email, facebook, twitter, text messages and more. Maintaining a consistent brand helps customers to identify your business and connect with you. Allowing customers to interact with your business in multiple ways makes it easy for customers to reach you in a way that is convenient for them. It increases your visibility which helps to draw in new customers. Some automated marketing solutions even offer multiple channels in a single solution.

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