The answer is no, email addresses are not case sensitive. An email address can start with a capital letter or include capitals anywhere in the address. An email address is a combination of a username and the domain name (from which the account is created). The ‘@’ sign separates username and domain names from each other.

Email Address Standards

Each and every email address has to follow the standards which are there. Otherwise, email servers won’t recognize the text. The wrong syntax could leave you drifting across the digital universe.


Email Address Standards are

Username Standard

The name or the information that appears prior to the @ sign represents username. It’s your unique address. It can include up to 64 Latin characters and 0-9 numbers.

Domain Standards

Information after the @ symbol is your email server. It tells the internet where to send your email. For example abc01@gmailcom. This is the domain name.

Are Email Addresses Case Sensitive?

No. Email addresses aren’t case sensitive. Having letters in all lowercase makes the email address easier to read, but it won’t stop your messages from being delivered.

Consider the following two separate email accounts with the same address but different lowercase and uppercase letter combinations.

An outdated server or program might not interpret the capitalization correctly. Still, it’s safe to say that the vast majority of today’s email servers can handle uppercase letters in an email address.

Do Capitals Matter in Email Addresses?

No. But that doesn’t make using them a good idea. Having a mixture of capitals and lowercase can make your email address difficult to read.

Special Characters in Email Address?

Special characters have that same appeal, but you don’t see them in very many email addresses. The problem isn’t just legibility. Different services impose different standards.

Most email servers recognize the special characters in this lineup.

! # $ % & ‘ * + – = ^ _ {} ~

However, Gmail doesn’t allow characters from this set.

& = _ ‘ – + ,

Gmail also doesn’t allow greater than and less than brackets or more than one period in a row.

A unique email address helps you stand out, but it’s probably best to resist the temptation of special characters.

Best Practices for Creating Email Address

No one wants to get confused while typing their email address for logging in to the website or sending out emails. One only wants a simple address that is recognized by the recipient along with the internet service providers as well.

Avoiding Uppercase Letters- By avoiding uppercase letters, there is a reduction of server confusion which makes the email address more readable.

Keep it Simple- The email address needs to be simple so that they can be easily memorized with zero hustle. Let us keep special characters along with any pun for posting on social media sites. The goal isn’t complicated. You want to compose an email address that’s easily recognized by internet service providers and your recipients.

Never Modify your Email Address- Modifying your email address leads to confusion so it is advisable not to modify your email address.


When writing an email address, it’s likely to create a mistake, so it is advisable to check the correct lower and upper case letters. Hope this article will help you with this basic question are email addresses case sensitive?



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