Animoto Video Creation Software Review

Animoto Software
Animoto Video Creation Software


Animoto is a video creation and slide show based software. Founded in the year 2006, it achieved its growth after 2008. Poor-quality videos emerged to the rise of the software. Leading to the need for software which serves to produce quality video quality along with great features like editing, inserting, slides variations, and fonts.


Animoto provides the flexibility to use different font families and a variety of video templates. Customers can avail of a variety of templates and themes as per their industry. It has now raised its user base to 6 million. Animoto has become a renowned tool. Contributed to the rise of video and video makers has increased tremendously.


  • High-quality video (HD 1080p)
  • Multiple memories styles.
  • Font library.
  • Color customization.
  • Over 3000 commercially licensed music tracks.
  • Landscape plus square marketing videos.
  • Pre-built marketing storyboards.
  • Download video

Why Should we Consider this?

Animoto can be considered as standard software for creating high quality and professional slideshows and videos. Pricing is a bit high, Mobile Apps are present for both OS versions Android and iOS.The software has no learning curve and saves time by reducing the effort required to design the videos. The customization of video templates is limited to an extent. Capabilities to shorten the time slots between slides is cumbersome after downloading the entire video.

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