Additional Features: Email Marketing Platform Must Have

Email Marketing Platform
While not absolutely essential in all programs, the following features are becoming increasingly common, desired and should be considered when determining the right email marketing platform and newsletter sending solution.

Many email service provider charges on all subscribers once you have subscribed. But there is a large possibility of unsubscription or spam reporting by them. In this case, they got unsubscribed from our list. We have to pay this extra charge to ours. Very few like’s EmailPush wisely consider this situation. They charge for only active subscribers available at the real time.

2. Website Grabber Capacity:

This is a great feature, but very few of service providers are capable to apply these techniques. This feature saves our time to create a campaign template; here just a URL link is able to drain all your desired information in your newsletter.

3. Must Have A Telephonic Support:

Everyone makes mistakes. We are human not a machine, there must be a telephonic support available, who can manage and solve our queries from the provider side.

 4. Easy Social Media Integration:

Today social media is a great tool to engage your customer. The ability to post or share an email on Twitter or Facebook as well as easy options for promoting.

Subscription to your email marketing list on social media channels is not only increasingly popular, but it is also increasingly important.

5. Ability to Audit Email Content For Potential Spam Issues:

Many email marketing platform can automatically audit your email for potential words or design issues that may cause you to end up in the spam or junk folder and provide suggestions to improve your deliverability chances.

If you are concerned about your ability to write whitelist, inbox style Email, you may want to search for this feature.

 6. Auto Responder Capability:

As auto responders grow in popularity, the ability to support this style of email marketing is obviously increasing as well.

7. Mobile viewing Capability:

Mobile email opens have grown with 21% in 2013. Both the ability to manage your email sent from a mobile device as well as email templates that have been optimized for viewing on mobile devices are features that you should consider the importance of when selecting an email marketing solutions.


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