8 Top Tips for Managing a Virtual Team

Tips for Managing a Virtual Team

If you are running a virtual team, then you must have felt the need for managing and monitoring your team. Of course, you can’t see them if they are working or not. The virtual team does have its own benefits, but at the same time, it produces unique management challenges. The biggest challenge is to ensure the productivity of your team and the security of sensitive data that they use for business purposes.

It’s like a dream come true for professionals to work as virtual employees. They have the privileges of freedom and independence away from the daily grind of commuting to work and sitting for long hours. On the other hand, as the virtual team grows, so the managerial headaches. It is challenging for the managerial team to monitor their virtual employees all day.


Here in this article, I am sharing a few of the best tips for managing a virtual team.

Let us see….

  1. Establish multiple communication tools

Communication is the key to success. Make sure you test and assure which communication tool can work the best for your team. This will ensure that your team members can communicate immediately with the right person at the right time. When you need to make some urgent meeting, such tools provide you the privilege to collaborate as a team when necessary. You can even respond to customer queries quickly. Look for advanced features in the communication tool that you opt for, it must have video and conference calling. This is very important when you need to integrate with the team. Regular communication creates a feeling of unity despite the distance.

  1. Define proper work systems.

Every company has various planning and strategies with proper planning which is followed by each employee of the organization. These strategies and planning must not be neglected if you have a virtual team. In fact, you should create as many strategies as possible that are required to get result-oriented work. It is very important for you to recognize that your employers need a degree of freedom and flexibility to complete tasks up to the mark with their best ability. On the other hand, it is equally important that you set certain standards and properly define the work system that you want your employees to follow.

  1. Create a virtual meeting place

Meetings are always important to have. It is essential that you together with your team make some decisions or ask for consent/opinion of others at some point by the majority of votes. Do not neglect the power of the meeting even if you have a virtual team. Always give your virtual team equal importance which you give to your office employees. Regular meetings are integral to increase productivity and optimize your results. Although, email can be useful for sending instructions and other details but it is not considered as the best method for initiating detailed discussions. You can choose a communication tool like Skype or Hangouts etc. By attending such meetings everyone will be kept in the loop and can feel the part of a team, which is highly beneficial for productivity.

  1. Provide incentives or rewards

Providing rewards for good work that benefits your business can be extremely useful, especially in the virtual workplace. Consider bonus schemes for your employees to boosts them up always. This will even set an environment of competition among the virtual employees to be the best and gain the best. This will ultimately benefit your business and increase its productivity. So do not hesitate to reward your virtual employee’s performance and encourage them to be more productive.

  1. Give priority to Cyber Security

Now when you are running a virtual team. It is equally important for you and your team to be very much aware of cybersecurity since you are working completely on the Internet now. There can be a risk also with your sensitive data while running a virtual team. It can be challenging for you to manage various individuals working from different places and using a variety of devices. Nobody would like to compromise with their client’s data. After setting up a virtual team, make sure that you provide cybersecurity training to your employees to make them understand the risks. Take help of new emerging technologies that can help to enhance security and manage virtual employees more effectively.

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