8 Tips to Get The Most Out of your Google Adwords Campaign

Google Adwords Campaigns

If you are already running campaigns on Google Adwords then you must be knowing how much a single dollar can value your business growth. It is very important for you to manage your campaigns smartly and effectively to get the best profit from the bucks you are investing in displaying your ads over Google network. Google Adwords currently has over 1.2 million advertisers worldwide and even generated maximum revenue of over 89 billion dollars last year.

Many businesses find Google Adwords campaigns are worth the price for the amounts of leads generated through it. But few businesses end up with a negative return on investment. There are certain tactics that need to be followed to get the most out of Google Adwords Campaigns.


Here I am sharing a few of them.

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  1. Evaluate Your Goals and Set Targets

The foremost step before your ads must be set up your goals and targets for each day. How much do you expect from your ads? What is your daily budget? Is this budget sufficient?

Prioritize to the most important action that you want the users to make. It can be a call, or clicking on the landing page, making a purchase, or maybe filled out a form. Your goals must be transparent before running your ads.

  1. Type of Campaign

You must be knowing that there are four options that you can select to run your campaign. They are:

  • Search Network with Display Select
  • Search Network Only
  • Display Network Only
  • Shopping
  • Video
  • Universal App Campaign

Look for your goals and select your campaign type accordingly. It is simply irrelevant and wastage of money if you go for Shopping when you are looking leads for B2B business. So choose your network wisely and get a preview about all the categories before selecting one of these. If you want to run your ads on both the networks Search Network and Display Network then it is more advisable that you run different campaigns for both different campaign types.

  1. Target your Audience Geographically

Each and every dollar counts, so why to waste on non-targeting places and thus clicks. Go to the settings menu and set the geographic location that you want to target. You can select as many countries or cities as you want and exclude the specific cities which do not include the relevant audience.

  1. Type of Keyword

Google Adwords totally rely on Keywords. Again there are four types of keywords that you can set.

  • Broad Match = This gives you broad search to the users. You may lose many bucks on irrelevant clicks. So avoid selecting a broad match.
  • Phrase Match = This match results your ads with a close phrase that resembles with the keywords you have set. Use phrase match and target your audience more closely.
  • Broad Match Modifier = It is a mix of broad and phrase match. This match tells Google to show up your ad if each word in your keyword is contained in the search query. However, the order of keywords does not matter.
  • Exact Match = You can save many bucks with this match but may lose audience quantity. As the word suggests, the ad only shows up with this match when the search query is exactly matching the keywords in the ad groups.

Also, study more about keyword match types before running your ads. You can edit the match type for any keyword anytime.

  1. Split Testing for Ad Groups

Experiments and experiences finally thrive in success. Test your ads and ad groups for analyzing which one gets the maximum clicks. Always run at least two ads per each ad group. Monitor closely how each ad performs and pause the low performing ads. While comparing ads look for the Click-through Rate(CTR) and Conversion Rate to determine which ads are more beneficial to get clicks. Analyze what words trigger and attracts the audience to click. Set an insight for future ads.

  1. Create Ad Extensions

Ad Extensions helps to provide users the shortcut to directly click on the page that they are looking for. It helps to extend your ads with various extensions available. Few of them are: Call Extension, Location Extension, App extension, Structured snippet extension and few more. If you are looking for targeted, nearby audience then you can use Location Extension and add a phone number as well with Call Extension. You can even look at the statistics after running your ads.

  1. Track Conversions

Tracking your conversion can help you trace successful keywords and ads and help you configure what kind of ROI you are getting by running Google Adwords Campaigns.

  1. Add Negative Terms

In the Search Terms box, you will get a list of keywords on which the user has searched and clicked your ad. From the list, you can Add/Exclude the keyword. If the search term is relevant, then add to the keyword list otherwise on the negative list. This will help you a lot to get relevant clicks.

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