7 Tips To Get Qualified Leads

Tips To Get Qualified Leads

Being a business you need conversions. Whether you’re a new entrant in an industry or an experienced player, you need quality leads. Lead generation is extremely important not only to grow but also to survive in an industry and therefore we can refer it as a key to a successful marketing strategy.

Many people tend to get confused between demand generation and lead generation. Demand generation is increasing demand for product/service. Whereas lead generation is increasing interest of people in your brand as the answer to their demand or query.


Firstly you have to attract users to your site, then extract their information and then finally convert them.

Let’s get started to see how we can capture leads i.e. Tips To Get Qualified Leads. 

Create quality content that stands out in a crowd

Content is considered as a king in the lead generation process. Content will draw the audience to your site. It helps as a helping tool to convince your audience to share their information.

In order to make all this possible, you need quality content. Design your content keeping your audience and their interest in mind. Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional leads. It makes sure your primary focus is on engagement not on generating leads. If engagement is good it would automatically convert visitors into leads.

Upgrade your landing page

 Maybe you are not getting enough qualified leads because your landing page is poorly designed. Your landing page is too self-centric instead of customer-centric. Update your landing page copy. Its content should explain how your product/service can help your leads, use language which easily understands by a customer.

Pay attention to lead scoring:

Lead scoring is a process/ method of giving certain scores to visitors/prospects on performing some actions. With lead scoring we can easily trace a person who is near to turn into a qualified lead. Hence we can put more effort (in the form of sending emails, newsletters, etc) to turn him/her into a customer.

Nurture and follow-up

As more visitors and leads come in, continue to engage them, like by providing extra to your previous offer, send a newsletter or you can create a series of drip campaigns to guide your leads to various stages or middle of the funnel, etc.

As long as you are providing valuable content, your prospect will be happy and continue engaging with you. But without proper engagement, they’ll lose their interest in you and will switch to another provider.

Revamp your calls-to-action

 Suppose your prospect has a problem but he/she couldn’t find a way to communicate with you, this leads to disappointment. It’s up to you how you communicate with them (or provide them ways to communicate with you) to find a suitable solution for their problem.

The only way to submit their query or to encourage them to proceed further in the funnel is through calls-to-action (CTA). Make sure to run the A/B test on CTA variations to revamp them at frequent intervals.

Use multi-channel marketing

Everyone i.e. your whole audience is on social media whether it’s on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Linkedin. Hence, it considered an excellent source to generate a lead. In many ways, you can promote your brand where you can talk about you and your brand with social media like sharing posts/ videos, ads, etc.

Linkedin has Lead Gen forms, specially designed for lead generation. It allows you to generate quality leads straight from the platform. Similar to LinkedIn, Facebook has Facebook Lead Ads that make forms simple for people and more valuable for business.

Create an ideal email

The lead generation campaign is a classic way to generate a lead. While other tools may come and go, pass or fail, but email is and has always been a strong tool (that always works) and it keeps going stronger.

Segment your audience, draft an attractive subject line (attractive enough to compel the audience to open your email) and send tailored messages that lead to a higher click-through rate and ultimately generate leads.

Once you create an email, you want to make sure that everything is perfect. Such as all your links take your audience to the correct landing page, all content displayed properly-photos, videos, etc. So for that, you need to run a test, retest (if required). Once the result comes positive then hit the send button.

Finally, those were the 7 Tips To Get Qualified Leads, if you know more tips lets us know.

If you are not growing then all your efforts are going into vain. So if you want to grow, you need quality leads and to get quality leads you need to focus on the tips to get qualified leads i.e. we discussed above. 




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